Dr. Antony Theodore Sun Poems

Sun Is A Symbol Of God's Energy

Sun is a symbol of God's energy

Add the energy released
by the sun plus the sum

The Sun Shines In Your Heart.

Special people
can be known
when they let the glory
of the sun, shine in your heart.

Sun Tzu - The Art Of War

In the classic book
The Art of War,
Sun Tzu states,
"If you know

As Cobwebs In The Sun

As cobwebs in the sun
it shone in my heart.

The trees along the way

As - Long - As - The - Sun - Shall - Burn

May God's holy name
be blessed forever
as long as the sun
shall burn

Can The Shades Of Darkness Ever Find The Sun?

God is:
The uncreated, wisdom
personified, the home
of all perfections,

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