Gajanan Mishra

Gajanan Mishra

Tikapali, Patnagarh, Balangir, Odisha, India now at Tapobana, Titilagarh, Odisha, India
Gajanan Mishra
Tikapali, Patnagarh, Balangir, Odisha, India now at Tapobana, Titilagarh, Odisha, India

Gajanan Mishra Sun Poems

Sun Sun Sun

Sun sun sun
Rising sun the creator
Mid day blazing sun the destroyer Rudra
Setting sun the maintainer and continuance

Drink The Sun

O Ocean
Or else the sun drink you.
Come O sun see
Empty ocean

I Am In Need Of Only The Sun

I am only in need of the sun
And not thousand lamps.
I am in need of the rain water
And not the ponds, oceans or rivers.

Let The Sun Rise

Let the sun
Rise again
At this time,
When I am

The Sun

The sun is here
I am for the sun.

The sun is the presiding deity of eyes
Light of the sight is His.

I Am Moving With The Sun

I am moving with the sun
And the sun rays is here
To promote healing and
Enhance vitality.

Look The Sun Here

Look the sun here,
Look the sun there.
Look me in the sun,
and the sun in me.

April Sun

Sun, april sun
Do not go son
Air april air
Nothing is fair

Sun, Fire, And Light

Sun, fire and light
Are Your parts, my dear,
And I am experiencing great
Joy with You here.

Who Is The Sun?

Who is the sun?
Is he above and beyond time?
No doubt you have calculated
Second minute hours day night

Ask The Sun

Ask the sun
The sun will
Tell You
How the sun is

Being The Sun

I am in dark,
I am in water
Being a desert.

I know good

You Are The Sun

I am Yours
You are the sun
I am the rays.

We Are Going And The Sun

We are going,
The sun is not coming.
In fact, we are nameless,
We are calling east, west.

One Sun One Earth

One sun one earth one life
And we are here all together.
Nothing to fear, we are here
To make life beautiful and

Today - The Sun Rises

Today - the sun rises
At 05: 21 hrs
And sets
At 17: 51 hrs.

Yes The Sun Is There

Yes, the sun is there,
We must not go out.

And the sun is doing


I am putting on sun-dress
In his rain
You may call me
By any name.

As Brilliant As The Sun

You are as brilliant as the sun
You are my poems and
My poems are like the sun
O my dear, come and read

As Red As Early Morning Sun

As white as black cow's milk
This is what we may describe life
And we may say life a fun

The Sun Rotates

The sun rotates
For the benefit of
All living beings.

See The Sun

The Sun Is Separate

From its rays and heat.
See and observe, my dear,
Like the sun keep yourself
Separate from your

Sun Rises And All Wake Up

The Sun rises and all wake up
And engaged in their works
The Sun rises and knowledge spread
Smile entire creation

No Sun No Wind

The sun is life
The sun is the cause
Of this wind
Wind is here within.

What Is The Sun Like

What is the sun like
Asked Aaeshanee
And I replied in a poem
Where is the poem

Maya Angelou - As Dark As The Sun

Maya Angelou - you are as dark as the sun
What I am telling is not a fun
Maya Angelou
I love you

Like The Sun Let Me Light Up Myself

Like the sun
Let me
Light up myself.

The Sun And The Moon

The sun and the moon
Both are mine
Both are for me.

Worship The Rising Sun

The source of all life
The source of all light.

Sun Moon Air Fire

Sun moon air fire
Are not allowed to go there.

There is that bird

See The Sun- Omnipresent

See the sun
In every inch of the sun rays
And in every molecular particle of the rays
You are, my dear, likewise present in me and also

In The Eyes Of The Sun

See me in the eyes of the sun
Say something in the words of the sky
Stay with me by feathers of the air
Survive the earth here and always happy with water.

Look Me On The Eyes Of The Sun

And speak something in the words of the sky
Stay with me by feathers of the air
I am the earth here always happy with water.

Only Sun

Let me called only sun
Some called you rising
Some called you mid-day
Yet some other called

Like The Sun

The sun destroys the dark
Like the sun knowledge
Lights up the supreme self
And destroys ignorance.

The Sun Sucks Water

From the earth
And supplied water
To the earth
In the form of rain.

First Came The Sun

Then light then love
First came life
Then body then senses
First mind

Shadowless Sun

Let him be told to see me
I am here with him.

Let your dress be put off

The Sun Is One

The sun is one
The sun shine is many.

I am here

The Sun Is Not Needed

The sun is not needed
I am able to create my own light
And the light for the entire world.

It Is Not Hot- The Sun

It is not hot- the sun
The age is going on.

It is not glorious

And Here Is The Sun

And here is the sun
Smiling and dancing and
Talking with the rain and
With the desert.

The Sun Is There

The sun is there
There is the sun
Either covered by clouds
Or in a clear sky

I Am Under The Sun

Let me say O sun
Why have you made me
A rhing of fun.

No Sun No Time

Go outside and see.

No life no fear

Sun Light Up Everything

Sun lights up everything
In the day time
True knowledge reveals
Everything everywhere

O Sun O Moon

Come and see me
I am self-effulgent.

The Sun Has Talent

Something is there
Thar are to sacrificed
Something is there
That is to glorified.


You are as brilliant as the sun
You are the sun
And You have arisen
To Your own abode

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