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What Biographies would I write!
its all about me, my life, my aims, my company and my unkown lover!
I've just did this profile, tryin to express about what inside me!
My words are so hard to flow, but they are easier to write! (thats why I have chosen this)

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remember that june when you where my only moon
I loved you like I never did
using my heart but not my head
you were my all!

Miss You So Bad

It was not my choice to leave you..!
And till now am blaming myself for hearing what they were saying..
Now I am alone …..
I was fine... When your heart was mine...

My Best Friend

Am trying to describe you
But my words can’t express
You are a best friend a sis and everything
You are the one who raised me up

My Own Life!

I am a girl who was borne in November...
To shine this dark sky...
To create more smiles and to let everybody live and love..
I love to love and I hate to hate or to be hated..

I Wish

I wish if you are next to me now.. feeling my love.. holding my hand..
telling me how much you care.. and flyin with me in the air..
and tellin me YOU will stay!

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