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Put Your Arms Around Me

Put your arms around me
Hold me just like this
Cover me with love
So much I don't exist

Heal me far from pain
Start long before you end
Give me reasons to believe
We should let this love ascend

Free me from my worries
Obliterate my doubt
Leave the past behind
And seek the future out

Go beyond your limit
(We'll pass the others by)
And make love part of history
That no one can defy

So, put your arms around me
Let our hearts demure
Hold me for as long as you can
And let this love endure.

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Never Say I Love You

Never say I love you.....
if you don't really care
Never talk about feelings.....
if you they aren't really there
Never hold my hand......
if you're going to break my heart
Never say you're going to.....
if you don't plan to start
Never look me in the eye....