Sunny Mittal

Sunny Mittal Poems

1. Mistakes 4/4/2012
2. Infa Song 4/4/2012
3. Mystery 4/4/2012
4. To The Leader 4/4/2012
5. From Nothingness We Came, Into Nothingness We Shall Pass 4/4/2012
6. Bad Hair Cut 4/4/2012
7. Oh My Friend Never Leave That Girl 4/4/2012
8. A Praise 8/20/2012
9. The Fight Worth Fighting Most 1/6/2013
10. Realization 1/6/2013
11. Say No The First Time 1/6/2013
12. Secret Of Work 1/6/2013
13. Stages Of Life 1/6/2013
14. Faith And Love 1/6/2013
15. Opportunity 1/6/2013
16. Love The Life 1/6/2013
17. First Thing First 1/6/2013
18. Let Our Dreams Be Our Guide 1/6/2013
19. When You Yourself Know That You Are Right 1/6/2013
20. Knowledge 1/6/2013
21. Softneess And Love 1/6/2013
22. Every Beautiful Face I See 1/6/2013
23. Saint And A Fighter 1/6/2013
24. The Land 1/6/2013
25. Give And Take 1/6/2013
26. Every Time Something Happens 1/6/2013
27. Do It In Such A Way 1/6/2013
28. Laugh And Cry 1/6/2013
29. I Hope As A Friend You Understand 1/6/2013
30. Devil And Disease 1/6/2013
31. Oh Bright Star, Oh Bright Star 1/6/2013
32. Just Like The Days When I Used To Be A Child 4/4/2012
33. To My Sweet Little Town 4/4/2012
34. He Was A Lonely Boy 4/4/2012
35. If At All 4/4/2012
36. There Is A Lot Of Time In A Day 2/9/2013
37. That Is Why The Close Games Are So Fun 2/9/2013
38. Confessions In A One Sided Love 2/9/2013
39. Pleasure And Peace 2/11/2013
40. Dreams And Hope 2/22/2013
Best Poem of Sunny Mittal

Don'T Waste Food

Hundreds and thousands have toiled under the scorching sun of summer,
to grow the food which so comfortably we eat.

think of food as the fruit of labor of thousands of hours,
rather than just rice and wheat.

millions die due to lack of food, so is their fate,
but we are lucky to have every time enough in our plate.

we may never go to the fields to produce the food,
but my friend 'food saved is food produced'.

so lets take a vow today to put in our plate only that much which we can eat,
so that even a single single grain may not go waste.

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There Used To Be Days

There used to be days,
when i was a witty and humorous guy,
that i could make people laugh,
until they start to cry,
and i would often create stories
filled with such a humor and joy,
that everybody would ask me
how can u do it every time oh boy.
There used to be days....

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