Francis Duggan Sunset Poems

For All Of Us A Last Sunset

For all of us a last sunset like for all of us there was a first sunrise
A saying that's been around for years that came from someone wise
And every sunset that we see is one nearer to our last
Our biological clocks are ticking on and ticking ever fast

A Thunder Point Sunset

A beautiful mid April sunset of the southern Fall
To visualize in memory for to recall
Above the sea at Thunder Point in Warrnambool the sun setting like a giant red ball
Of my memories of natural beauty this is one of the finest of all

I Have Seen The Sunset Of Many A Day

I have seen the sunset of many a day
Since i left my first homeplace from here far away
Claraghatlea about a mile west of Millstreet Town
Since then on many roads i've driven up and down

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