Susanna Blamire Poems

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Old Harry’s Return

The wars are all o'er and my Harry's at hame,
What else can I want now I've got him again!
Yet I kenna how 'tis, for I laugh and I cry,

The Lily Of The Valley,

Sophrosyne, companion dear,
Who hangs a pearl in Pity's ear,
And wanders through the dewy lawn
To catch the rose--bud newly blown,


Sweet expectation! sister fair
Of soft solicitude and prayer,
Allied to hope, allied to fear,
Those joint companions of the year,

O Jenny Dear, I’ve Courted Lang

O Jenny dear, I've courted lang,
I've telt my tale and sung my sang,
And yet I fear I'm i' the wrang,
For ye'll na mak a wedding o't.

Written In A Churchyard, On Seeing Cattle Grazing In It

Be still my heart, and let this moving sight
Whisper a moral to each future lay;
Let this convince how like the lightning's flight

On Collins’s Ode On The Passions, As Recited By Mrs. Esten

Beneath a sad and silent shade
Afflicted Poetry was laid;
The shepherd train, the virgin choir,
No longer listen'd to her lyre;

Address To Miss J.

Once Clotho on an April day
Was seen to throw her rock away;
The fatal rock was nearly spun,
And the sad task was nearly done,

Written On A Gloomy Day, In Sickness

The gloomy lowering of the sky,
The milky softness of the air,
The hum of many a busy fly,
Are things the cheerful well can spare;

When Night’s Dark Mantle

When night's dark mantle veil'd the seas,
And nature's self was hush'd to sleep,--
When gently blew the midnight breeze,

And Ye Shall Walk In Silk Attire.

'And ye shall walk in silk attire,
And siller hae to spare,
Gin ye'll consent to be his bride,
Nor think o' Donald mair.''