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A tryst that was so special
Finally you came
It happened though not so congenial
You gave me shame

Some smiling faces, loving hearts and romance..
Behind the eyes they all loose their fragrance...
On your presence, you always shine..
Your absence makes you a demon, they opine.

Night descends with hope & dream
And covertly we meet to laugh & scream..
Often I wake up at Midnight's silence..
To secretly gossip with your delusive presence..

On that day...
Into thousand pieces my heart was broken
yet I was silent though deeply shaken
Dreams were shattered like a house of cards

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Swadhin Shaktiprasad is a passionate poet and author from India. Mostly he writes on human experience of life and reality of the world around. Many of his poems are placed in prestigious international and national anthologies like ‘Heavenly Hymns’, ‘Colours of Refuge’, ‘The Red Balloons’, ‘Blessings’, Voices of Humanity and journals like ‘Galaxy International’. Some his recent poems are selected to be published in international collections like ‘Hall of Poets’ and ‘Let them recite’. His short story titled ‘Love with a Stranger’ is published among 41 selected stories in the international collection, ‘The Elusive Genre’. He is the Co-editor & Compiler of a bestseller international poetry anthology titled ‘Timeless Love’. He can be reached at sshaktiprasad@gmail.com.)

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A Tryst With Time

A tryst that was so special
Finally you came
It happened though not so congenial
You gave me shame
Upset I was over my deadly past
Heart broke asunder
But you alluded things never last
Nothing to ponder
when anxious I was to know my future...
My temper flared
Bluntly you denied to divulge the answer..
You hardly cared
The day you made me live in the present...
Nothing is hazy
The day I began to accept each moment...
Life is easy
In that obscurity you came on a date...
Found me bemused
In that solitude you changed my fate...
Left me relaxed

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Swadhin shakti prasad Popularity

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