Francis Duggan Swimming Poems

The Salmon Are Swimming Upriver

The salmon are swimming upriver in the cold gray damp of the dawn
To the gravel beds of the rapids to dig out their spawning beds to spawn
November is their breeding season in the cold and wet Northern Fall
When yesterday's flood is subsiding they are answering to Nature's call.

The Salmon Are Swimming Up Current

In the grayness of a chilly November Dawn
The salmon are swimming up current to spawn
Of the Duhallow rivers as the flood does subside
The will to breed in them cannot be denied

The Non Swimming Man Of The Sea

He had his own fishing boat for many years though he never ventured far out to sea
And from fishing he made a good living enough to upkeep his family
He was born and he still lives near the ocean and the ocean holds no fears for him
But to many it may seem a bit strange that he's never learned how to swim.

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