Syed Anas Hussaini

Syed Anas Hussaini Poems

1. Blood And Roses. 8/21/2015
2. Dark Day's. 8/22/2015
3. Oh Please, Let Me. 8/26/2015
4. Sing Me. 9/26/2015
5. Lost 10/6/2015
6. Of All 10/6/2015
7. What Should I Tale 10/30/2015
8. Slipping Away. 10/30/2015
9. We Stand Alone 10/30/2015
10. Justice Undone 10/30/2015
11. Demons Lurking 10/30/2015
12. Better Side 10/30/2015
13. Idiocy 10/30/2015
14. Beautiful Memories 10/30/2015
15. Gifted Sister 10/30/2015
16. Echoes 10/30/2015
17. Unfelt 10/30/2015
18. Where We Belong. 4/12/2016
19. December 4/12/2016
20. Unfilled Void 4/12/2016
Best Poem of Syed Anas Hussaini

Dark Day's.

'It reminds me of the dark days.
When the whispering were loud in the waves.
Everyone with there faces down to the base.
Hoping for you just to be safe.
As you traveled through darkness.
I fear you may find yourself alone in idleness.                                             
Those paths you traveled with the secrets in your heart you seal.
With the burden on your shoulders weighed, with the pain you deal.    
You abide there in the depth of darkness eternally.
Feeding all of your demons with blood frequently.
All those gathering holders prayed for  ...

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Blood And Roses.

'In the aftermath there will be no blood.
I fear the quite death will take me in a hud.
Lying on the ground above the ashes that left.
With the hated love they hate us, more they shut.   
Seeing the home seethe to the breathing fire.
After all those true confession they named us liar.
Death quarrel  to mitigate the highborn.
And the fire rose to pennicals to burn all the corns.
I saw all the cities seethe till comes the dawn.        

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