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1. Travelling On The High Way Of Life 5/21/2007
2. I Am Grateful To Be Here 8/15/2007
3. I Am What I Am, A Woman 8/15/2007
4. True Friends 8/15/2007
5. Just Call Me 8/16/2007
6. 6 Yellow Roses 8/17/2007
7. Now Finally I Am Here 8/23/2007
8. Dream 8/29/2007
9. I Am In My Lonely World 8/29/2007
10. I Will Love You Forever 8/30/2007
11. Why Did You Break My Heart 8/30/2007
12. I Believe 8/31/2007
13. My Maha Rani On Rajdhani Express 8/31/2007
14. They Say I Am Old 9/1/2007
15. I Will Fly You To The Moon 9/10/2007
16. Wish You Were Here And Now! 9/10/2007
17. Willow Tree By The Lake 9/13/2007
18. Hope To Find You Again For One More Hug 9/21/2007
19. I Remember When 9/22/2007
20. You Are My Sweet Valentine 11/10/2007
21. When You Are In Love 11/23/2007
22. What A Beautiful Morning 11/23/2007
23. Waiting For My Call From Above 11/25/2007
24. Today Is Mother's Day 11/25/2007
25. Wish I Could Hold You One More Time 12/3/2007
26. Why Did You Come And Find The Crack In My Heart 12/3/2007
27. Valentines Day Is Here Again 12/6/2007
28. This You And This Me 12/8/2007
29. Thinking Of You 12/8/2007
30. Tear Drops From A Heart 12/30/2007
31. Summer Time 12/30/2007
32. Stephanie, The Sweet One 2/12/2008
33. Spring Will Be Back Again 2/12/2008
34. Seven Candles 2/12/2008
35. Valentine's Day Is Here Again 2/19/2008
36. They Call You Chalice Queen 2/24/2008
37. They Call Her Lee 2/24/2008
38. See You Over The Rainbow 2/24/2008
39. Ruthie, My Friend You Are Gone With The Wind 2/24/2008
40. Ranga Bou, Neela My Love, I Remember When 3/4/2008

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I Wonder Where Will I Go

I wonder where will I go when I pass on
Will I grow old before I am gone
Life is a mystery no one can explain
What is the purpose of birth what is the gain
Why is the sky blue, where does it end
Is there another world around the bend
How did the universe begin when did it start
How does a seed come to life with water, air, light and dirt
What is the time, moment, how does it tick
Past, present, future, time is the brick
When we die where do we go, does anyone know
Does life transform after death as we pass on
Do we come back in another body and we are ...

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Call My Name

When you are lonely and no one to talk to
Call me, I will listen and hold your hands too
When you had a bad day and feel terrible
Call me, I will make you laugh and make you giggle
When things go wrong and you feel like crying
Call me, I will give you my shoulder, tell you to keep trying
If no one understands, gives you hard time
Call me, I will share my time, won't cost you a dime.
When you lose your love one, crying your heart out

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