T (no first name) Wignesan

T (no first name) Wignesan Poems

481. Quizz With Broad Hints For Blind Poets 11/21/2014
482. Radically Chinese 7/11/2012
483. Requiem For An Unknown Tigress Cub 8/17/2012
484. Rondel: You Came Too Late This Time Our Tryst To Keep 5/18/2013
485. Rondelet: (Nuclear) Rot In Bowels 5/22/2013
486. Rondelet: Bad Guy Dope* 1/18/2013
487. Rondelet: Be Charitable 12/12/2012
488. Rondelet: Cliff Hangers 12/28/2012
489. Rondelet: De-Human(-Ised) Rights 5/5/2013
490. Rondelet: Democracy 12/14/2012
491. Rondelet: Don'T Blame India, The Land Of The 64 Artful Kama-Sutra Positions 1/14/2013
492. Rondelet: Eyes From Afar 12/22/2012
493. Rondelet: Fa' Morgana 2/5/2013
494. Rondelet: Give Me Country 12/19/2012
495. Rondelet: Masons In Arms 12/11/2012
496. Rondelet: No Man Is An... 12/23/2012
497. Rondelet: Obama Hear 12/18/2012
498. Rondelet: On The Payroll 12/26/2012
499. Rondelet: Panic Stations 12/24/2012
500. Rondelet: Rat-A-Tat-'Tat 12/16/2012
501. Rondelet: Reduce The Size And Population Of The State 12/13/2012
502. Rondelet: Scoop Of The World 1/4/2014
503. Rondelet: Stuck In A Hole 12/10/2012
504. Rondelet: Tau Ceti Soul 12/20/2012
505. Rondelet: Tuut-Tuut All Aboard 12/25/2012
506. Rondelet: Who Takes Over 5/9/2013
507. Rondelet: Who The Hell Cares 12/21/2012
508. Rondelet: Yang Be Evil 12/29/2012
509. Ruba'I: The Poet, The Page And The Word In Whichever Order? 11/28/2013
510. Ruba'I: Umar Ibn Ibrahim Al-Khayyam, Omar Son Of Ibrahim, The Tent-Maker 11/30/2013
511. Rugby Scrum Dance For Divorced And Disabused Wedding Guests 8/24/2013
512. Second Quiz With Even Broader Hints For Blind Poets 1/6/2015
513. Seven Years Rachel, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Sept Ans Rachel By T. Wignesan 10/17/2014
514. Silence, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Poem: Silence By T. Wignesan 10/6/2014
515. Siluroid 7/11/2012
516. Sing Haughty Yacht-Y Yea 7/11/2012
517. Soliquio Del Individuo By Nicanor Parra, Translated By T. Wignesan 4/7/2016
518. Somber Psalm, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Salmo Sombrio 10/22/2013
519. Some Men Die To Survive 5/25/2016
520. Sonnet: Nothing Feeds On Itself Like Violence 10/8/2015
Best Poem of T (no first name) Wignesan

The Sensation Of Nothingness, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Sensacion De La Nada

Consider, no matter what, even something agreeable
falls so low: in the pureness
of metaphysics, in the sublime
brightness of nothingness.
In the cubic emptiness, in the number
of fire. It’s the bonfire
which causes inanity to burn. In the centre
no wind whatsoever blows. It is the fire
pure, pure nothingness. No being inhabited by faith,
there is no extension. The reduction of the world
to a point, to a number which suffers.
Because it is hideous, a symbolical endurance,
without the uncertain material which enlivens it.
Is it the unwaveringness of ...

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Sing Haughty Yacht-Y Yea

bayboats purse seine whey
journey yearlong gay
laddy inured dryup
haughty yachty yea

mildred mayhem dewlap
naughty jaunty jay
car sons caught in capers
haughty yachty yea

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