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641. Unquotable Quotes: Beggars - Xxx 7/31/2016
642. Unquotable Quotes: Dancers - Xxiii 6/13/2016
643. Unquotable Quotes: Evil People - Viiil (42) 3/28/2017
644. Unquotable Quotes: Fashion Modeling With An Eye On Footballers - Xxvii 7/4/2016
645. Unquotable Quotes: Fat People - Xxix 7/25/2016
646. Unquotable Quotes: Gals, Dolls, Bitches And Broads - Xxxvii 9/9/2016
647. Unquotable Quotes: Lawyers - Xx 5/29/2016
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649. Unquotable Quotes: Olympic Antics - Xxxiii 8/17/2016
650. Unquotable Quotes: Olympic Samba Carnival! Chick-Chicki Bom! Mira! Anda! Carmen! - Xxxiv 8/22/2016
651. Unquotable Quotes: Outsiders And Odd Men - Xxviii 7/11/2016
652. Unquotable Quotes: Paris, The Last Week Of The August Reprieve - Xxxv 8/28/2016
653. Unquotable Quotes: Philosophers - Xxii 6/12/2016
654. Unquotable Quotes: Poets - Xxxvi 9/2/2016
655. Unquotable Quotes: Tale-Carriers, Gossip-Mongers, Courrier-Pigeon Caretakers, Smoke-Signal Puffers, Tom-Tom Thumpers - Xxvi 6/30/2016
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657. Unquotable Quotes: The How Of Democratic Kill - Ixl, Part Two 11/2/2016
658. Unquotable Quotes: The How Of Democratic Kill - Xxxix, Part One 10/15/2016
659. Unquotable Quotes: The Janitor, Gardienne, Landlady, Housekeeper, Portero, The Sereno And The Hausgast - Xxxi Part One 8/9/2016
660. Unquotable Quotes: The Janitor, Gardienne, Landlady, Housekeeper, Portero, The Sereno And The Hausgast - Xxxii Part Two 8/14/2016
661. Unquotable Quotes: Witch-Doctors And Tribal Headmen - Xxiv (Part One) 6/20/2016
662. Unquotable Quotes: Witch-Doctors And Tribal Headmen - Xxv (Part Two) 6/24/2016
663. Unquotable Quotes: Writers - Xxxviii 9/17/2016
664. Unquotable Quotes: Xviii 5/18/2016
665. Verbum Caro, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Verbum Caro By T. Wignesan 10/22/2014
666. Villanelle The Fake Or The Phoney Thrive Only On Blatant Envy 12/19/2014
667. Villanelle: All Are Prisoners Locked In The Prism Of Timespace 11/18/2014
668. Villanelle: Ask Not What The Devil's The Devil 9/10/2015
669. Villanelle: Ask Not Why, How, Where Nor What We'Ve Become 12/1/2013
670. Villanelle: Bequeath Not An Image Which Isn'T Wholly Your Own 11/17/2014
671. Villanelle: Brand Not A Nation As Satan's Igloo 11/21/2013
672. Villanelle: Cowered Crushed Cramped In The Pit Of Our Stomachs 12/3/2014
673. Villanelle: Crooks Leaders And Louts Do They Sing The Same Tune 10/5/2015
674. Villanelle: Dare You Stain The Portals Of Your Deity's Sacrosanct Citadel 12/9/2014
675. Villanelle: Do States The Raison D'Etat Circumvent 9/13/2015
676. Villanelle: Even Childhood Teenage Nurture Stops Not The Rupture 11/27/2014
677. Villanelle: Everyone's Life Is Really One And The Same Role 12/14/2014
678. Villanelle: Everything's Just Much Too Much And Fudge Far Too Far 11/15/2014
679. Villanelle: For One Life Lived Through Mistakes How Many Defy Death 11/30/2014
680. Villanelle: French Gourmand Once Sailed To The Isle Of Ewe 10/14/2015
Best Poem of T (no first name) Wignesan

Paris, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Poem: Paris

(For those who may be interested, this poem by Paul Verlaine presents more difficulties than his other rhymed quatrains I have read, but then this may only be a personal feeling. T. Wignesan)

Paris cannot lay claim to beauty but through its history,
But this history is by beauty all through possessed!
The river Seine lies so absurdly sheltered,
Yet its bright green hue all on its own deserves glory.

Paris cannot be thought gay but by virtue of its chatter
Yet this loquaciousness, a teeming vulgar vice,
Springs from a throng of tongues in its voice, ...

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I am the prize catch
I live in an artificial lake
fed by a nappe phréatique
I was put there to keep
lesser fish: carp
from taking up too much space
I live to be caught
and caught again
and be let loose as rain

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