T. (no first name) Wignesan

T. (no first name) Wignesan Poems

161. Copla Veintiocho: This Bad Guy World 6/3/2014
162. Copla Veintiseis: This Bad Guy World 5/31/2014
163. Copla Veintisiete: This Bad Guy World 6/1/2014
164. Copla Veintitres: This Bad Guy World 5/27/2014
165. Copla Veintiuno: This Bad Guy World 5/26/2014
166. Coplas On Wine By Nicanor Parra, Translated By T. Wignesan 3/25/2016
167. Corpus 1/23/2016
168. Criss-Cross Acrostic*: Ai My Eye 1/27/2013
169. Curse Of Caste 7/11/2012
170. Daisy Bindi - Translation Of Oodgeroo Noonuccal's Daisy Bindi By T. Wignesan 11/30/2016
171. Declining Change - X 7/12/2012
172. Diary Notes: Lament At Dawn 8/24/2017
173. Diary Notes: Lamentable Laissez-Faire 8/29/2017
174. Did I Say What I Said You Said 3/19/2016
175. Do The Dead See With Their Own Eyes 11/3/2014
176. Doppelgänger 7/13/2012
177. Dream, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Poem: Rêve 10/14/2013
178. Drogman*, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Drogman By T. Wignesan 10/25/2014
179. Elegy On The Death Of Vicente Aleixandre, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Elegia En La Muerte De Vicente Aleixandre 10/16/2013
180. Embryo 7/11/2012
181. Epilogue, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Poem: Epilogue 10/6/2013
182. Epitaph For A Living Poet: Wpn 4/28/2017
183. Excerpted From Ice In My Eyes Smoke In Yours - A Novel 3/16/2018
184. Fear Of God, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Miedo De Dios 10/20/2013
185. Feet, Feet That Walked Away With The Toes 7/12/2012
186. First Day Of The Year, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Premier De L'An By T. Wignesan 10/23/2014
187. Florilège Of Distiques/Distiches From The Thiruk-Kural: K129, K752 8/13/2017
188. Follow Me, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Suis-Moi By T. Wignesan 10/16/2014
189. For Old Star-Gazer Khayyam - A Name Like Shakespeare's For 'some' Other Giants - Part One 5/10/2016
190. For Old Star-Gazer Khayyam - A Name Like Shakespeare's For 'some' Other Giants - Part Two 5/11/2016
191. Free Advice To Those* Who Would Be King From The Thiruk-Kural With Notes 6/9/2017
192. Free Power 10/13/2012
193. Free Verse: Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Vers Libres 8/31/2013
194. Further Observations In The Thiruk-Kural On Those* Who Would Be King: K389 And K390 Without Comment 6/30/2017
195. Further Qualities Of The King The Thiruk-Kural Lraimaadtchi - K381 And K382 7/1/2017
196. Further Relevant Observations On Kingship* Picked At Random From The Thiruk-Kural 6/20/2017
197. Gérard Sekoto, In Memorium (1913-1993) 7/12/2012
198. Ghazal: Now That She's Left And Gone To Be Herself Again 6/17/2013
199. Give Me Back My Name 7/11/2012
200. God! God! Why Have You Forsaken Me! Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani By T. Wignesan 10/24/2014

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Nightmare, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Cauchemar

(Translation of Paul Verlaine’s quintilla: « Cauchemar ». As usual, I have tried to stick to the original’s stanzaic format and rhyme scheme. T. Wignesan)

In my unfurling dream I saw it happen
- The way the hurricane lashes the strand –
A two-edged sword whirling in one hand
An hourglass in the other
This knight rider

Come coursing through Germany
Down through towns and the open country
And from the river up mountain free,
And from forests to valley lone
This stallion

Ebony black and red as flame
Sans bridle, nor bit, nor rein.
Ne’er a ...

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Sing Haughty Yacht-Y Yea

bayboats purse seine whey
journey yearlong gay
laddy inured dryup
haughty yachty yea

mildred mayhem dewlap
naughty jaunty jay
car sons caught in capers
haughty yachty yea

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