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Love Doesn'T Last

I still love you
but it's not the same
when you love someone
who doesn't feel the same
I don't want to cry
but I can't be happy
when you're not around
I feel so empty
you said we could be friends
even after the breakup
but you changed your mind
and broke my heart

I wish we were still together
and not apart
you have someone new
but I still love you
I wish you could see
the way you hurt me
I thought you were perfect
and would never change
until that sad summer day
when you said 'let's just be friends'

it hurt so much
but I figured it was better
at least we were friends
instead of nothing at all

I will never forget
the fun times we had
now we're not friends
we're nothing at all

you were my everything
my star in the sky
until that summer day
when you said goodbye

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Tally Lace Popularity

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