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Birthday, July 31st - Leo

Retired Research and Development Chemist - Pharmaceuticals
Neuro-Oncology - Chemist - Particle Accelerator (Cyclotron Hot Cell) - PET scan -
2-fluorodeoxyglucose (2-FDG) positron emitters.

Publications - Peer-reviewed scientific journals

US Patent number: 5262537 - Cancer antiemetic

U.S. Navy (WAVES) - Vietnam Veteran - Top Secret Message Center

National Defense Medal, Amos Alonzo Stagg Award

Former Forum Moderator - Classical poetry - Moontown Cafe.com

2008 - Who's Who, Who's Who of Science and Engineering, Who's Who of American Women, Who's Who in the World.

A few poetry publications - Tamara Beryl Latham

Latham, Tamara B. (chron.)
* The Autumn of Farewell, (pm) Songs of Innocence #4,2001
* The Blue Letters, (pm) Songs of Innocence #4,2001
* The Branding Iron, (pm) Penny Dreadful #14,2001
* Destiny, (pm) Penny Dreadful #10,1999
* For Edmond, (pm) Songs of Innocence #2,1999
* I Do Hear You, Love, (pm) Penny Dreadful #12,2000
* I'll Meet You There, (pm) Songs of Innocence #5,2004
* Lost Dreams, (pm) Songs of Innocence #1, Summer 1999
* Lost Souls, (pm) Penny Dreadful #9,1999
* Lovers Lost, (pm) Penny Dreadful #13,2000
* The Midnight Hour, (pm) Penny Dreadful #11, Autumn 1999
* On Love, (pm) Penny Dreadful #12,2000
* Requiem in Blue, (pm) Penny Dreadful #13,2000
* Shadow Fields, (pm) Songs of Innocence #2,1999
* Symphony of Death, (pm) Penny Dreadful #9,1999
* Thornbird, (pm) Penny Dreadful #12,2000
* Through Winter Woods, (pm) Songs of Innocence #2,1999
* Until Death, (pm) Songs of Innocence #1, Summer 1999
* Veronica (Villanelle) , (pm) Songs of Innocence #4,2001
* We Two Ships, (pm) Songs of Innocence #4,2001

Published, as well, in Tucumcari Literary Review, (N.M.) , Troxey Kemper, Editor, Raintown Review (N.M.) , Harvey Stanbrough, Editor, High Tide annual poetry publication of the Milford Fine Arts Council (Milford, CT) , Kevin, Madeline Salustri, Stanley Kavan, Tony Fusco, et al. publication collaborators.

The Best Poem Of Tamara Beryl Latham

Crosswords Of Death

Pristine waters
often prayers of man.
Replaced by shifting tide
and ebb of sand.

Dying flowers
lack of aqueous drink.
Exposed in hues of rose
and wilted pink.

Streams flow sacred
through this barren plane.
Enhanced by drizzling light
and shades of rain.

In this landscape
most take their last breath.
Reposed in flickering sun
and light of death.

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'Truth, like light, is often slanted'... Tamara Beryl Latham ©

When we fail to use our brains, the losses far outweigh the gains.

Do it yourself and you'll only have yourself to blame.

They say it's black, you say it's brown, I say it's brindle. We all see the same thing through different eyes.

Only lend money you can afford to lose because, more than likely, you will.

Revenge is the fool's way of dealing with pain.

Don't be afraid to take advice from a fool: sometimes he's smarter than you.

The ones who are dwarfed by glass ceilings, bump their heads, break through on the way up, then emerge as giants.

A wish is but a dream we never share.

Don't tell me what I cannot do, let me show you what I can.

'If you are reluctant to take advice from a fool, don't be! Oftentimes he is just a reflection of you.'

'A liar's truth, like light, is always bent.'

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Tamara Beryl Latham Popularity

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