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15. Our Distance 3/18/2011
16. We Are The Red. (Liverpool) 2/18/2011
17. The Colorful Love 2/14/2011
18. Insomnia Is My Enemy 2/7/2011
19. Blue Flower - Cool Girl 2/9/2011
20. I Am An Angry Bird 2/13/2011

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I Am An Angry Bird

Over 50 Million brothers are
all over the world,
being dragged to the right angle,
without giving a word.

They make mistakes and mistakes,
which are again and again without rest.
We just swoop to the sticks,
just like keeping fail in the test.

Hey man!
We have feel, I feel painful.
You play still, it is unrespectful.

You just keep on doing this,
I must give you a hiss.

'We have feel, I feel painful.
You play still, it is unrespectful.'

This makes a bird angry,
buy you think I m funny.

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Facebook Is Really 'Fun'

Notifications become one.
Immediately click on it.
Read it.

Receiving comment and
having pressed like,
people are as happy as
having a perfect stirke.

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