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Lost you, lost everything,
Lost the dream for being your forever,
Lost my each kind of feeling.
Lost your love, lost happiness,

Today Its risen up to 86 degrees,
As time has come to say b-bye to winter and cool breeze...
Its perfect time to switch on AC's,
come to know about perfect temperature from news channel 'bbc',

O My daughter, My Daughter,
I am sorry, so Sorry,
I couldn't save you,
I tried, I requested,

Struggled for freedom,
Happily sacrificed their lives
for precious nation.

Birds chirping and singing
to encourage human beings,
Flying happily to make new nests,
As their nests were flown with storm,

when I am in happy mood with no bounding,
I always do dance with beautiful surrounding,
I accompanies air for a classy moment,
I enjoy the rhythm happily to reach the firmament,

When your mother walked to the shadow of chanpa tree,
To sing her beautiful prayers,
She would surely notice you,
She can easily seek you,

Today I cried a lot for such a pain,
As this friendship day reminds me of you again.

You were always there for me to make me smile,

Boastful corruption
Pushed me
I was fallen down,
me trying to get up

Wearing this bridal dress,
makes me happy as well as sad.
Happy for the reason
that My love and me


All angels are together,
praying to Jesus,
For altering human's weather.
As people don't feel happy,

Struggling hard,
for basic needs.
Pressurizing adversity,
For one time meal.

Someone lied,
Trust Broken,
No faith left,
Artist in pain,


With Closed Eyes,
Wanted to reach the sky,
With opened eyes,
I was so high.

Here & there,
I think about you every time & every where.
Yesterday in my dreams I found you,
You said there 'you love me too.'


love is a need
for human and animals too,
love is a care you do,
Love is here and there,

I get angry,
I get happy,
I can cry,
Tears can easily dry,

Love is a pure emotion,
Mamma's love and daddy's affection,
Realize me that I am an angel.
Brother's loving care,

Live your life Happily,
work always passionately,
Ready to help others frequently,
Handle personal life & profession simultaneously,

Tanveer Sharma Biography

Before Introducing myself, I want to share my views: Friends! Plannings are really not enough to bring any change. Actions must be taken. As, without Implementing actions, plannings are always futile. Secondly, If you think, the track I follows is really wrong one then prove me wrong by following another path. I mean, If you want to see any change in any system then BE A CHANGE. Thirdly, Don't judge the book by its cover. You must read it to understand. Same thing should be implemented by us for our surrounding and people. Seriously, I think we should never say any kind of that thing which may hurt others. It may effect the person who is sensitive in nature. Learning is a life long process. And experiences are always good Teachers. So, This is Tanveer Sharma from Bathinda, Punjab(India) .I am a student of engineering in the stream of electronics and communications studying at yadavindra college of engineering, Talwandi sabo (Punjab) . I have been writing poems since 2002, when I was 11. As I belong to Punjab, So initially! I started writing in Punjabi Language and since 2008, I have been composing Poetry in English language as well. Mostly, I write on social awareness, surroundings, personal feelings and Imaginary poems. As I used to keep myself busy and I spend most of the time with my poems. Teachers and family have been most supportive with creative ideas.... and got inspiration for writing poems from my mom. I can say that writing ability travels in my blood.... I mostly wrote on social evils But since I joined AP, I started writing from the imagination to the love write. For me, My teachers are 'the best' in the world. Because they encouraged me on the very step of talent, even when I didn't know the meaning of stage, dance, mike, confidence, audience. They taught me about all these in practical meaning. For me, My School Teacher Named 'Sarla Sharma' is my god of encouragement, confidence, talent, Suggestions, fun, sincerity, Dedication, Punctuality. I really Feel, If I was not able to get a guide in life like her, then I am sure that I could be on some different level of thinking. And the most Important part in my life is of My mom-dad & little sis (Deepali) . Whenever I got imbalance in life's step, they hold me tightly & encouraged me. What to say about mom! My mom (Usha Sharma) is really an example for me of women empowerment. I don't know from where she got such strength to dedicate herself all the time for another. She is much appreciable for her deeds. As, she has donated blood for 15 times & organized many camps, awaking her students for dedicating themselves too for society, organizing a little center for educating poor children on her own level via students. She is my role model. & My Dad! (Ram Rachhpal) , he is so supportive on every level. He is more closer to me to share my talks & situations. He is a person with calm nature.He is also so sincere & a disciplined man at every step. He gives every little happiness to me & my family with surprises in various ways. He tries to create fun all around for making his surrounding happy. Lucky to have him as a Father. Now time to introduce my Little Angel (My Sis - Deepali) . I feel, she is the naughtiest person on this land. She is so talented in the field of Dancing, Anchoring, in eating (Lolz) , in fighting () . But she is my Best friend with whom I share about all the things. Moreover, another Vital part in my life is my 'College Friends.' They are really amazing. They taught me a lot about enjoyment, laugh, fun. & The most important thing is they always keep me with them as a little child. I shower my all anger on all of them but they are really so sweet, who calm me down in their way. I am very happy To have Apurva (Apple Angel) , Arshpreet (Aachhi) , Himanshu Khurana (Chhota bhai) , Khushbeen (Khushi) , Jaswinder (Babbu) , Harpreet (Charged Battery) , Dilpreet (Dilpreet) , Simrandeep (Sabby) , Thakur Navneet Singh (Ganda Dost) , Hemant Sahni (Hemant) , Sushant Sran (Chua) , Rishabh Kalia (Mr. Kalia) , Gurpreet (Chhamakchhalo) in my life. All are really so entertainig, Talented, Creative in different fields. They used to tease me for chocolates and on every moment. My words are lesser to praise my wonderful group. Smiles. Thanking god for his all time support. He gave me worst situations to fight & made me winner in front of the worst. Reasons behind My Poetry are my feelings, social evils, daily experiences, my thoughts, my enjoyments, & my nature. & With the help of online writing, I realize that I am daily improving myself.... thank you all poets for being with me, for inspiring me and for pointing out my mistakes in compositions to help me improvement... This Tanveer Sharma really thank you all from the bottom of her heart..... god bless you all! And to all for spending your precious time with my poetry....And you can contact me on: chocolover1991@gmail.com)

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Lost You, Lost Everything

Lost you, lost everything,
Lost the dream for being your forever,
Lost my each kind of feeling.
Lost your love, lost happiness,
Lost in loneliness, lost being mild,
Lost you, lost even how to express.
Lost you somewhere, finding here and there,
Lost my love But could not find you,
Lost you and feeling just despair.
Lost my peer - I lost my peer!
Lost you, lost everything,
Lost you, please tell! where are you dear?

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