Tara Teeling

Tara Teeling Poems

1. Like Winchester House 4/21/2006
2. Peaches 4/21/2006
3. Red Lights Fading 4/21/2006
4. Night Lions 5/1/2006
5. Idol 5/10/2006
6. Shadow And Shine 5/28/2006
7. Harvest Time For The Blind Artisan 5/28/2006
8. Undeclared 6/2/2006
9. White Porcelain Tub 6/3/2006
10. Monogrammed Handkerchief 6/3/2006
11. Harsh Climate 6/4/2006
12. I Knew Them Then 6/11/2006
13. The Heaven Columns 6/11/2006
14. The Undertaking 6/14/2006
15. Lake Couchiching 9/14/2006
16. Retrospect 9/24/2006
17. They Call Me Darwinia 9/26/2006
18. Nocturnal 12/30/2006
19. Winter Sun 1/15/2007
20. Shapeshifter 1/15/2007
21. The Finale Of The Flower 8/1/2007
22. The Dinner Table 8/12/2007
23. The Death Of A Kinder Season 9/14/2007
24. The Saving Grace Of Comely Colours 10/20/2007
25. Battle Flower 2/21/2008
26. Tomato Sandwich 2/27/2008
27. Milks And Oils 3/7/2008
28. Springtide 4/6/2008
29. Watchful Robins 4/12/2008
30. Allergic Crease 8/3/2008
31. We Wake 9/23/2008
32. Celebration 12/30/2008
33. Why We Watch Sad Movies 1/10/2009
34. Jam Jar In The Freezer 6/3/2009
35. Butter And Eggs 1/9/2010
36. The End Of Her 1/18/2015
37. There's A Rabbit In The Yard 8/8/2015
38. This June Eve 6/26/2006
39. Tiger Lily 7/5/2006
40. Slow Bleed On A Blistered Bench 1/3/2010

Comments about Tara Teeling

  • Max Reif (9/18/2007 12:17:00 PM)

    I look forward to the opportunity to see through Tara's eyes each time she confronts yet another aspect of experience. I've read four of her poems so far, and she's not disappointed me as far as having something to say and saying it in a really original way. You won't find any prefabricated phrases or perceptions in Tata's poems. I'm looking forward to continuing my journey through here ouvre.

    ps: Sometimes I think Tara might make sure EVERYTHING in a poem is as whe truly wishes it. I encounter an occasional, apparent contradiction and am uncertain whether it's a deliberate ambiguity or an oversight. Sometimes too, I find a comma that doesn't seem necessary..but my dominant impression of Tara is, wow, I want to read more!

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Best Poem of Tara Teeling

His Side Of The Bed

How strange it is to wake in a foreign land,
To try to spy the sameness here, as it was there.
Suddenly, nothing feels close, nothing in my acquaintance.
I look around and see things that should be familiar to me.

On that side of the bed, is a pillow of cream and eyelet.
Propped up long ago, it sits, without interference,
Plumped and perfect, wrinkle free under the lofty covers.
Recall him lying there, whilst I lay on my side.

Remember now the gentle breathing as the sun woke,
I think of how the rhythm would change during the night.
I used to sleep ...

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Eve On A Tabletop

I’m a queen and a dream. I move
in grinding glitter and wanton sighs,
fluent in guttural growl.
My colour is green, and I’m a Scorpio
in fishnets, a Venus in mesh.

I don’t think about the women
who would hiss and spit on my
feet in passing. They trip

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