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Kill me now
Seriously kill me now
I don't care how
Just do it now

That heartbreaking moment 
Where you can't say anything 
The painful torment 
Where you want to scream out everything 

I see the scissors
Their blades bright and gleaming
With one slice of those scissors
The blood comes streaming

He says he wants to just be friends
You know
Not together
It hurts alot

I watch them
But I don't see 'them'
I see her and him
I see me in her place

I just wanna be close to him
I want to hig him, to kiss him
To be with him
I him to look at me

Its so awkward now
When things change a little bit
The whole friendship changes
I wish I had never said anything

She a bit of a know it all
Not even a bit tall
She will be there forever
I don't know what I would do without her

Things are changing
Maybe for good
I think I love him
I want to be more then friends

I want to tell then
But I think theyll interrogate me
Ask 1,000,000 questions
So maybe bringing it on slowly

They say I can't be with him
To see him at all
They say I have to break up with him
But I love him

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Kill Me

Kill me now
Seriously kill me now
I don't care how
Just do it now

Make it fast
Or make it slow
Have it last
Or go go go

All I want
Is to escape
From the people who what
To ruin my life

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