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Started writing around 7 seriously and now I am 21 years old now. I've Been working on these poems and more for 13 years. I will be continuing to do more. I'm now 21 and still writing my heart out.

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Tasha Young 15 November 2017

hi this is Tasha Young something went wrong with this account i will be redoing a new account with all thesame poems on here they're mine so keep an eye out for me.

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Tasha Young 02 May 2017

hey this is Tasha Young the one with 45 poems you have or will read this account i have no access to so im creating a new one and reposting all my poems from this account to my new one and adding more.

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Tasha Young 30 June 2011

hey this is tasha something went wrong with this account so i will be trying to get this figured out if not i'll be creating a new account

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Voice Of An Angel

A singer with her music folder in her hands.
Dressed up in her uniform on the stands.
She opens her mouth to sing and the graceful angel begins to sing.
Hear her sing in perfect harmony.

The light streams down from the stage lights above.
A beautiful white and a brilliant yellow sways back and forth dancing and crossing each other's paths to a new song.

The sounds of the piano playing the beautiful chords of harmony and melody.
As the violin and chello joins she hears the sound of beautiful music notes flying everyewhere.
With her beautiful and graceful voice it ties everything together to make an amazing song.
Hear her sing in perfect harmony.

How can you tell which pitch is which?
How can you read the music?
How do you know how many beats are in a measure and what key it's in?
When do you rest and take a breath?
Do you get stage fright?
Hear her sing in perfect harmony?

When she sings a jult of excitement and happiness comes out in her voice.
Singing is like getting shot in the butt by a love arrow from cupid and the feeling of love and pride in doing what she loves and is good at.
The audience stands up in a standing ovation and claps their hands in joy and excitement.
Hear her sing in erfect harmony.

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Tasha Young Popularity

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