Taushell Davis Poems

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By Surprise

Don't never keep nothing from me. I love you to much to hurt you. The words you spoke to me. I cared for u when you was sick. I was there through thin and thick. I never judge you by what you do nor did. I was there when people left you there hurt... I came and pulled you out of your pit. Nobody wanted nothing to do with you like torn mittens. I was there to talk u out of ending your life, like football players quitting. I never thought in a million years you would hurt me.

This Love Will Never End

True Or False

What else is there for me to believe or do. You say one thing an do another; And act like what I've said is brand-new. Water fills my eyes as I replay each scene in my head.

Only Faith Will Tell

Only faith can tell how long we will be together. We may have our ups an Downs, just like any other relationships. But not like most what we do have is love.

Face Reality

All Of Me

I put everything into what we had. I put up with everything that you have done to me, but at the end you made me sad. I sit home crying burying my face into my pillow. Even though I gave you all of me.


I Want To Feel

Touch me. Squeeze me.. Open me... Enjoy me.. I want u to feel every inch of my body. Explore me. Desire me.. Caress me.. Excite me.. Bite me... Taste me.. Please me.. Mmm I want u to feel me.... (reverse)
I want to feel u. Touch u. Please u. Caress u. Taste u. Excite u. I desire u.. So allow me to explore u. Relieve u.. Calm u. Relax u...
I want to feel every inch of your body... Bite u.. Suck u..mmm I want to feel...


When it comes to Life. Chapter closes and new chapters open. But when a mysterious chapter from the past resurface, how should someone handle that? I feel as either that chapter was meant to come about. Or it is out to hunt you constantly. The worst part is when u think what's in the past stays. Then BOOM! There it goes again.
U either force it to stay close. Or rip the pages out and forget.
2. You can allow it to take effect on you current situation. And apply more stress on you.


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