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I swear my world was frozen
When my confidence was stolen.
I swear My vocal pipes were broken
While my purpose was offloading,

She, that came into my life
To be my wife.
Yes that is spoken for the future
She, whose blood runs in my veins

I am trying to live
Hey what did I miss?
Do I owe you something,
that every time I make a move in life you react?

What you don't know, that I know.
My voice so mellifluous
Presenting me as emasculate,
As if I am heaven's perfect candidate.

Yet, his black sheep
Dark skinned, a chubby with brown eyes
Hair so fluffy, as he wished it was blonde.
Ugly to his eyes, even more pigchunky

I'm a woman,
I'm a woman and I am also a human
Why does it is seem like my feelings aren't considered,
Why do I have to go through all this load?

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Full Proof Of My Being

I swear my world was frozen
When my confidence was stolen.
I swear My vocal pipes were broken
While my purpose was offloading,

And painful it was,
that I was just watching
When everything was fading
But I did nothing.

Course I felt powerless.
But a second chance life gave me
And I used it.
I used situations as a motivation,
For restoration.

Flashbacks! ! !
When the storm hit my garden,
When running to my darkest room has been an option
Locking the door and thinking the worst,
That was depression.

But Positivity over ruled fortunately,
And in the midst you appeared fortunately,
And your story changed mine
And I know mine changed yours.

You came in Acoustically and not abysmally
You appeared angelically and not dramatically,
And basically, you are the one
Who pragmatically gave my life a hymn

And I feel, that is why my soul
Is literally linked to yours.

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Tebogo Phaladi Cornelia Phooko Quotes

Negativity is a dark cloud moving around the world like a hungry lion in a jungle full of sheep ready to feed; it only needs you to be wise enough in order to conquer

The power of the belief you have in yourself gives greater manifestation to confidence and peace within you.

Live to leave a mark, the footprints of the greatest

Run your race, at your own pace

You're a rising star. Stop degrading yourself and Learn to Embrace your thoughts and capabilities

There is Nobody's business that matters more than your own. Stop being a gossiper, you will grow weaker - Phooko Tebogo phaladi Cornelia

Let situations be your motivation, For restoration

Be the 'you' who inspires others, Like exactly how you are inspired by another

For the mere fact of knowing that we are all going through difficulties in the world, should be a reason enough to comfort you and keep you standing

Reasons for our struggles will always differ, the least you could do is being hopeful that it is for the best, course questioning what you cannot change will never make things any better

Your destiny is pregnant. If you allow the world to distract you with its depression, if you allow negativity to rule over, you are gonna have a miscarriage and fail to reach your full potential

They say "You only live once", that "tomorrow is not promised to anyone" but I say never feel trapped by the words. Life is eternal and tomorrow is victory- Phooko Tebogo Phaladi Cornelia

You were born powerful and purposeful, don't waste it to the ground by looking at other people's lives. life is not a competition and the sooner you let it grow inside of you, the better

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