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Dance Of The Dead

A dance for the dead
a dance to the souls of the damned
they will dance forever in their captivated trance
How i long

A Modern Day Romeo And Juliet

'You are my lilth'
Where his words to me
But i was so very blind
that i could hardly see

A Classical Tale

sing me a song of sorrow
sing me a song of love
Make me forget the way it used to feel
and take my hand

My Angel Of Lust

Ensnared by her beauty
i am at a loss for words
I can only gaze upon her
like an angel cast out by god

Lead By Illusions And Miss Read Promises

Such a decieved appearence of illusions.
Yet these tears fall upon lifeless faces
mislead by these thoughts
that seem to ponder upon nothing

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Well i guess that i should talk about myself, let you get to know me a little better.
My name is Teigan
and i have a passion for writing. One day i hope to publish a novel, and maybe a book of poems.
Im 18 years of age and i have been writing my owm poems for a few years. IF you would like to know anything else about me, Just send me a msg or something.

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