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I close my eyes to ponder and wonder about you
i never thought i would come across you
your effects are such that ti brings a whole new meaning to life
things i thought could never exist anymore you showed me in reality

I write to you a sad love note because:
My heart beats just at the thought of u
My heart skips cause of what i feel for u
I wish you would understand my plight. My heart begs for your subtle light.

if there is something to behold at my non-existence,
it would be my existence.
if there is something to behold at my existence, it would be my life.
if there is something to behold at my life,

The wind whips through my mane like wild fire
For across the earth is nothing in my mind but freedom
I am free and I am wild
I can not be tamed

life they say, is the essence of living
living they say, is the essence of life
life thus, is a journey, that we live through
in the journeys we make, we are faced by the reality of brute

i sit at the roof top with a piece of paper and pen thinking of what to write
but the only thing i think about is the memories of you
so dear were you to me, i can never forget all we shared
in times of trouble you would come to my rescue


If the green guys have gone low profile
is it enough for minority to deceive the majority with lies,
when they know the green guys are still part of the majority
promises are not kept, but they want unity,

Tell me i do not meet your criteria
Tell me i do not meet up with your pace Tell me i am not the right person for you
Tell me i can not be the one you love
Tell me i am not that person you can lean on

I seek for the nicest of words to write you
Still non equates what i feel deep down for you
i try to express myself with the most beautiful words
But i wld rather show you the most beautiful piece of my heart

December! ! ! The year has finaly rolled out,
I thank you January, for making February a shorter month than you were,
February for giving me a shorter route to March and for the love you share
March for taking her time to prepare me for the wet seasons and helping me understand April

In a split of a second
Minutes have passed and hours have gone by
I was lost deep in thoughts
How would I undo what had been done


May be the world would be a better place tomorrow
May be it would be a place filled with sorrow May be the stars would shine like the sun
May be the sun would glow like the moon
May be we would all be happy


In the stillness of the night
When the day light glows soft and low
There is always a special window
In my heart is where I go

When I'm gone, I think to myself
I wouldn't make any more sense to life
Only the works of my life time wolud be left to be seen
Because I would have exhausted my usefulness to mother earth

I sit in the serenity of the night
Soft music playing in the back ground
My mind clogged with thots of u.
Flashes of Your adorable eyes haunting me

When I wandered away, I went deep, way deep
I couldn't find my way back from the trip
I had no idea; I had been gone for too long
So many things I did, but with them I saw nothing wrong

I gave out the best i had
You gave me your worst, your bad
Each time i remember everything you did, it breaks me more than the Berlin wall did
i thought in you i could trust

i never thought love would come my way
But u did and is truly here to stay
You make me feel brand new
Clean and fresh as the morning dew

This day, decades ago u brought a smile upon the face of U̅ ̲ ̶ ̥ ̊ я mom and the whole family But i do not wish to be the 1st to say happy birthday o u today, Cos God comes first Second place would not do either. Cos U̅ ̲ ̶ ̥ ̊ я family fills this space.

A loud bang woke me
although with my blurry eyes, the bright light I could see
it sounded like firer works in December,
but it was only June if could remember

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Its My Pleasure To Meet You......, .

I close my eyes to ponder and wonder about you
i never thought i would come across you
your effects are such that ti brings a whole new meaning to life
things i thought could never exist anymore you showed me in reality
you are as peaceful as the shores of the pacific oceans where you lay me down to think more and more about you.

you are more than wonderful
you speak and show the truth more than words itself
you are like an enclosed tunnel filled with lights and beautiful things of life
you affect me life a virus which i choose to have
and you make me fall not into hurts but into the depth of your care.
you make me forget about the sorrow around me
you make me speechless and you leave butterflies in my stomach
you engrave my feelings which i haven't experienced in a long time
you make me wanna hold on and definitely would i, as long as i live

Thank you for coming into my life
thank you for showing me that you are real
thank you for the patience you have towards me
thank you for making me find you
thank you for telling me your name and who you are
its my very pleasure to meet you, LOVE

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