The Broken Poet

The Broken Poet Poems

1. Finnal Destination 9/8/2006
2. Forever And For Always 9/8/2006
3. Never Again 9/8/2006
4. Nothing (Short) 9/8/2006
5. Broken Heart (Short) 9/8/2006
6. Numb 9/8/2006
7. R.I.P 9/8/2006
8. Shadows Of Love 9/8/2006
9. Smile Empty Soul 9/8/2006
10. The Pain Inside 9/8/2006
11. Trapt 9/8/2006
12. Were'D You Go 9/8/2006
13. With Out You 9/8/2006
14. Through Your Eyes 9/8/2006
15. Through Your Eyes 2 9/8/2006
16. Wings 9/26/2006
17. He Misses Her 9/8/2006
18. Never Let Go 9/8/2006
19. Here To Stay 9/8/2006
20. I Love You 9/8/2006
21. The Last Time I Saw Her (Poem) 9/8/2006
22. The Last Time I Saw Her 9/8/2006
23. Alone 9/8/2006
24. Cant Talk About It 9/8/2006
25. Dieing Of A Broken Heart 9/8/2006
26. Dieing With Out You 9/8/2006
27. Echo 9/8/2006
28. Fallen Angel 9/8/2006
29. I Need You 9/8/2006
30. If I Leave 9/8/2006
31. Not Ok 9/8/2006
32. Saying Good Bye 9/8/2006
33. In A Snowflake 9/8/2006
34. Lost Soul 9/8/2006
35. Loveless End 9/8/2006
36. Loves Suicide 9/8/2006
37. My Angel 9/8/2006
38. My Farewell End 9/8/2006
39. My Last Good Bye 9/8/2006
40. My Last 9/8/2006

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I love you, I hate you
But your always on my mind
I hate the way you smile
As beautiful as it may be
I hate the way you walk
And I hate the way you talk
I hate the way you smell
And I hate the way you feel
I hate the way you hair shines
And waves in the breeze
But most of all I hate the way
You make me feel
How your always on my mine
The way I see you but your never there
I hate it when I look at another girl
And all I see is you
I especially hate how much I love you
And everything you do
I hate how I can never have you
Or how my ...

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Afraid To Be

im sorry that you love me
im sorry for hurting you
im sorry im not perfect
im sorry for making you cry
for writing poems that i'll die
i write them, for with out you in my arms i will
im sorry that my heart will break
if we ever broke up
im afraid to be with you for im afraid i'll hurt you

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