The First Shrike

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The First Shrike Poems

1. The Life I Waived 7/12/2007
2. S. D. M. 7/13/2007
3. Beyond Apathetic 7/13/2007
4. Bird Beast Or Shrike 7/15/2007
5. Human Race (Only.0001% Of America Is This Way) 7/17/2007
6. Highlander 7/17/2007
7. My Daughter 7/18/2007
8. Riddle Or Parable 7/18/2007
9. To The All Poets Here 7/19/2007
10. Boldly Go Thy Hallowed Soul 7/23/2007
11. From Dust Can So Come 7/23/2007
12. A Gentleman Once Said To Me 7/9/2007
13. A Posteriori 7/9/2007
14. A Reflection On One So Wise 'Abraham Lincoln' For Whom The Bell Did Toll 7/9/2007
15. Clearing Of The Mist 7/9/2007
16. Bathed In Pillars Of Light 7/9/2007
17. The Pebble And The Rock 7/9/2007
18. Just 7/9/2007
19. The Law 7/10/2007
20. No Blame 7/10/2007
21. The Gordian Knot (Respune) 7/10/2007
22. Lost Joy 7/10/2007
23. Darkness Falls 7/11/2007
24. When 7/11/2007
25. Sea Of Sand 7/11/2007
26. The Book Of Secret's 7/11/2007
27. Alula 7/12/2007
28. Conversation Among The Ruin's (Ruins Upon Ruins) 7/12/2007
29. Cheek To Feet Stained By Ink Of Tear 7/12/2007
30. Unnoticed Unknown 7/12/2007
31. Where Has Unnoticed Unknown Gone 7/13/2007
32. Tears That Are Your's 7/15/2007
33. I Know Nothing 7/16/2007
34. Tree's Unnoticed 7/16/2007
35. Direction 7/11/2007
36. A Second Chance From 'God' 7/9/2007
37. Queen Of Pain 7/10/2007
38. Self 7/15/2007
39. Stand With Me Or Not 7/21/2007
40. Butterfly Dreams 7/11/2007

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I Did Not Write This

People come into your life for a reason
a season or a lifetime

When you know which one it is
you will know what to do for that

When someone is in your life for a
it is usually to meet
a need you have

They have come to assist you through
a difficulty to provide you
with guidance and support
to aid you physically
emotionally or

They may seem like a
godsend and they are

They are there for the reason
you need them to be

Then without any wrongdoing
on your part or at an ...

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S. D. M.

S. D. M.

God knew
our hearts
while his
son did

For the cry
on his lips
when he so
passed caused
the heavens
to move
the earth
to so shake

while upon
in rain
blood could
not sate.

The First Shrike J.E.

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