1. Hector 1/14/2012
2. The Old Firm Derby. 1/14/2012
3. The Man They Call Mcnaboe 1/14/2012
4. Scott Brown. 1/14/2012
5. Jimmy Johnstone 1/14/2012
6. The Best Booking Ever 1/14/2012
7. The Jungle Bhoys 1/14/2012
8. John Thomson 1/23/2012
9. A Seterday Efternin. 1/25/2012
10. M.D. - Mair Drink. 1/26/2012
11. And It's Getting Better. 2/19/2012
12. The Powers That Were! 2/19/2012
13. Is This The End? The Saga Continues................ 2/19/2012
14. Silent Whispers. 3/1/2012
15. Faithful And Hopefuls. 3/4/2012
16. Acceptance 3/9/2012
17. From Sally To Alex 3/10/2012
18. Craig Whyte. 3/12/2012
19. Brought To Your Royal Knees 3/14/2012
20. Stiliyan 'stan' Petrov. 4/9/2012
21. Celtic's Player Of The Year 2012. 4/11/2012
22. And The Winner Is? 4/19/2012
23. Tony Watt. 4/23/2012
24. We Call It Paradise 4/23/2012
25. What Fate Awaits? 6/5/2012
26. Wherewillawrapeepilgo? 6/16/2012
27. Remember The Alamo 6/20/2012
28. Talk Is Cheap. 6/22/2012
29. Mad Happenings And Strange Goings On. 6/26/2012
30. The Daily Record. 6/30/2012
31. The Mandatory Walk 7/1/2012
32. The S.F.A. 7/2/2012
33. Weehandsome 7/3/2012
34. No' Wee, No' Huge But Big (Pat) . 7/12/2012
35. Joe Mcbride 8/8/2012
36. Charlie, Dave And Harry Featuring Castle Greyskull. 8/23/2012
37. Sally's Stakes. 9/1/2012
38. Big Bad Charles Green 9/1/2012
39. The Green Brigade. 10/22/2012
40. Celtic V Barcelona. 11/15/2012
Best Poem of THE HOLY POET

Our Special Gift

I can’t explain to lesser men, they just don’t comprehend
What I feel within my heart, they’ll never understand
We’re more than just a football club, much more than a team
With a richness money cannot buy and that others only see in dreams.
Our priceless gift, received at birth and welcomed worldwide
A passport to a way of life and hallmarked Celtic Pride.
An acceptance to our family of which you are a part
You cannot buy its membership, it’s built into your heart.
We sing our songs with passion ‘til tears come to our eyes
But only those, who have the gift, ...

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Henrik Larsson.

Henke was slim but strong as an ox
And his pace was so quick that once in the box,
You'd gamble your mortgage, you felt it a cert
That wee Henke Larsson'd hit the back of the net.

Songs have been sung of teams home and abroad
But Henke our King, was a wee Celtic Ghod
I've never heard passion or felt such emotion
And he always responded with his wee magic potion.

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