The Light and the darkness

Rookie (1982-01-18 / Pretoria, South Africa)

The Light and the darkness Poems

1. Woman 6/13/2009
2. Servants Of Futility 6/13/2009
3. The Place 6/13/2009
4. Longing 6/13/2009
5. The Wooden Maze 6/13/2009
6. Lying Love 6/13/2009
7. One Night 7/8/2009
8. Departure 7/8/2009
9. Butterfly People 7/8/2009
10. Grey 7/8/2009
11. Twilight 7/8/2009
12. Bright Eyes 7/8/2009
13. Manstreet 7/8/2009
14. Snowflakes 7/8/2009
15. Hollow 7/8/2009
16. Twisted Night Thought 7/8/2009
17. Beach 6/13/2009
18. Beauty 6/13/2009
19. Beach Of Beauty 6/13/2009
20. Love 6/13/2009
21. Words To The Face Of Fire 6/13/2009
22. Cats On A Bedouin Shore 6/13/2009
23. Shining Insignificance 6/13/2009
24. Young Girl 6/13/2009
25. Search For The Divine 6/13/2009
26. Soaring Light 6/13/2009
27. Island Blue 6/13/2009
28. Ponderance Of Joy 6/13/2009
29. The Propagation 6/13/2009
30. The Lost Of Romance 6/13/2009
31. A Thousand Lights From A Mountain 6/13/2009
32. A Little While Longer 6/13/2009
33. An Ode To The Fly To Die 6/13/2009
Best Poem of The Light and the darkness

A Little While Longer

A little while longer we lie in this stillness of earth
The time silent, as it flies by to the ending of our mirth
Your presence brings peace in these moments sweet
Your touch release a stir long forgotten till now this meet

A river runs between us and the world
In a dream we live for moments few
As our hearts our minds and emotions swirled
We stayed sheltered in this time on morning dew

To capture this moment we indulge it’s gift
In time stolen from reality and sense we flee
To places of depth serene only us can see
To dreams of delight unknown we ...

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Search For The Divine

Words are few to describe the gentle crackling of an early dawn
When dark turns to life in a crisp new bristling
When enthused winged creatures stir away the nightly yawn
With sounds of verve on green growth moist’ning
Oh the marvel of passion that fills
When the root of beauty pierce senses and the heart stills

When in the midst of those who speak with crudeness
With tongues dragging forlorn in the slums of mind

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