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Rating: 4.67

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An avid reader, hopeless romantic, adventurer, traveler, socialist, nature-lover and ardent art admirer.

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The Empty Hallway

Through the empty hallway of this cheap hotel,
I trample on,
in search of my chaperon.
But who was it,
I started my journey with anyway?

The flickering lamps and waning wall-paint,
Whisper a horror tale,
like Judas' parable.
As I shiver alone,
In memory of our parting day.

The doors all closed, with dirty eye-holes,
And the dead walls,
Never returning my calls,
Make the screams like songs sound,
Along that confined corridor.

The clocks without hands stare,
At my feet,
and the carpet underneath.
As in my shadows, I found,
The friend I'd been looking for.

And now me and my shade per se,
In tattered shirt,
and denim dark,
Stroll the vacant hall,
Hunting for our new compadre.

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16 June 2017

Words are my love...and only weakness.

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