Theognis of Megara

(6th cent)

Theognis of Megara Poems

1. Angry Words 9/24/2012
2. An Avenger For The State 9/24/2012
3. Beware Crafty Minds 9/24/2012
4. Easy Friends 9/24/2012
5. An Even Line 9/24/2012
6. Fame 9/24/2012
7. Human Nature 9/24/2012
8. The Insolence Of Wealth 9/24/2012
9. Pride And The State 9/24/2012
10. A Secret Spring 9/24/2012
11. Sumptuous Obsequies 9/24/2012
12. A Time For Wine 9/24/2012
13. Wine 9/24/2012
14. Worldly Wisdom 9/24/2012
15. On Inborn Traits 9/24/2012
16. The Poet And His Muse 9/24/2012
17. Learning And Wealth 9/24/2012
18. Poverty 9/24/2012
19. Hope 9/24/2012
20. On Arranged Marriage 9/24/2012
21. Fate 9/24/2012

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Best Poem of Theognis of Megara


No costly sacrifice nor offerings given
Can change the purpose of the powers of Heaven;
Whatever Fate ordains, danger or hurt,
Or death predestined, nothing can avert.

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Beware Crafty Minds

Let no persuasive art tempt you to place
Your confidence in crafty minds and base!
How can it answer? Will their help avail
When danger presses, and your foes assail?
The blessing which the gods in bounty send,
Will they consent to share it with a friend?

No! to bestrew the waves with scatter'd grain,
To cultivate the surface of the main,

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