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Africa my land
Land of the condemned
Your mountains are the measures of your strife
Your rivers are the measures of your tears

It takes princesses and princes
It takes the young and the old
It takes the innocent and the guilty
It takes the black, the white, the pink and the green

Don't cry for me my beloved
My time has come, the timer is still
I've sniffed a rose and loved the smell
I've heard the birds sing their lovely tunes and sang along

A wealth of knowledge,
An abundance of wisdom,
A heart full of passion,
A gift of healing hands,

Rat atat alang!
He speaks a language never heard
A tear slowly strides on his cheek
He seeks but cannot find

Helo rida
I tryng to writ poem for my inglish frend
I not speak the languag myself
I try to fid gud wods

Don't hide your face young beauty
The shame of your youth,
The poverty you know,
The horrors you've seen,

Write me a love letter
With no fancy rhymes or bombastic words
Impress me with your heart, not your ability and charm
Keep it simple and straight to the point

Careless decisions
Imperfect conclusions
Wrongful judgments
Another one bites the dust

Vile truths have been told by vile people
in the vineyard
Vindictively violating my dignity
Connected like a venous mess

The medicine man has failed yet again, to numb it
Soft kisses and warm embraces cannot erase the pain inside
The preacher's message is like a dagger in my heart
The best of my best sleeps an eternal sleep

Who conceives you?
Who assigns you?
Some call you divine and some call you malicious

Screams and curses never told and never heard
Buried beneath her pretty smile
Slash, Crush and Sever her fragile heart
Silently she grieves

Salute me soldiers
Salute me for battles I've won
Salute me for the pain I've conquered
Salute me now, before the sun goes down

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My name is Thobile Masondo from South Africa. I love writing poetry, I find that it is the best way for me to express myself.)

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Africa My Land

Africa my land
Land of the condemned
Your mountains are the measures of your strife
Your rivers are the measures of your tears
Your soil is the measure of your pride

Africa my land
Land of trials and tribulations
Your wisdom has raised foreign nations and instilled hope to the desolate
Your African sun still shines jubilantly, lighting your beauty and humility
Your scars are hidden in your valleys and streams

Africa my land
Land of conquerors and warriors
With cracked feet you continue to stand
Like Sirius you shine against all odds
exonerate your fears and continue to strive

Africa my land
Land of hope and victory
Beat the drum and call your children to rejoice in your might and strength
Let your wounds mark the battles you've won
Let your beauty mark the beginning of a great journey, but not the end

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nqobile 10 August 2018

her poems are nice and powerful too

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Excellence begins when you see a brand in yourself and a true reflection of God's grandeur

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