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BUT look! o'er the fall see the angler stand,
Swinging his rod with skilful hand;
The fly at the end of his gossamer line

Up from the South, at break of day,
Bringing to Winchester fresh dismay,
The affrighted air with a shudder bore,

From a beautiful lake in the mountain
Two rivulets came down,
With a rustle and flutter like ribbons of blue

The road was lone; the grass was dank
With night-dews on the briery hank
Whereon a weary reaper bank.
His garb was old, —his visage tanned;

Out of the white, beleaguering lines,
Passing the pickets, beyond the pines,
The herald March comes blustering down,

I heard from out the dreary realms of sorrow
The various tongues of Woe:
One said -- 'Is there a hope in the to-morrow?'

The maid who binds her warrior's sash
With smile that well her pain dissembles,
The while beneath her drooping lash

My soul to-day
Is far away,
Sailing the Vesuvian Bay;
My winged boat,

We sat and watched the hearth-fire blaze,
My friend and I together;
The crickets sang of harvest-days,
The wood of summer weather.

Within a wood, one summer's day,
And in a hollow, ancient trunk,
I shut me from the world away,
To live as lives a hermit monk.

A modest bud matured mid secret dews,
May yield its bloom beside some hidden path,
Full of sweet perfumes and of rarest hues

Thomas Buchanan Read Biography

Thomas Buchanan Read (March 12, 1822 – May 11, 1872), was an American poet and portrait painter born in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Read wrote a prose romance, The Pilgrims of the Great St. Bernard, and several books of poetry, including The New Pastoral, The House by the Sea, Sylvia, and A Summer Story. Some of the shorter pieces included in these, e.g., "Sheridan's Ride," "Drifting,""The Angler", "The Oath," and "The Closing Scene," have great merit. Read was briefly associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. His greatest artistic popularity took place in Florence. Among portraits he painted were Abraham Lincoln, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Alfred Tennyson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning and William Henry Harrison. Read died from injuries sustained in a carriage accident, which weakened him and led him to contract pneumonia while on shipboard returning to America.)

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The Angler

BUT look! o'er the fall see the angler stand,
Swinging his rod with skilful hand;
The fly at the end of his gossamer line
Swims through the sun like a summer moth,
Till, dropt with a careful precision fine,
It touches the pool beyond the froth.
A-sudden, the speckled hawk of the brook
Darts from his cover and seizes the hook.
Swift spins the reel; with easy slip
The line pays out, and the rod like a whip,
Lithe and arrowy, tapering, slim,
Is bent to a bow o'er the brooklet's brim,
Till the trout leaps up in the sun, and flings
The spray from the flash of his finny wings;
Then falls on his side, and, drunken with fright,
Is towed to the shore like a staggering barge,
Till beached at last on the sandy marge,
Where he dies with the hues of the morning light,
While his sides with a cluster of stars are bright.
The angler in his basket lays
The constellation, and goes his ways.

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Thomas Buchanan Read Popularity

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