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To Lincoln Cathedral

HAIL, awful pile! Child of Time's midnight age,
Now Mother in its youth renewed! The tomb
Of regal priests who banqueted on joys

What Are Dreams?

ARE dreams a portion of our active life?
Are they the living movements of the soul,
Which grows more wakeful while the body sleeps;

Chartist Chaunts

TRUTH is growing—hearts are glowing
With the flame of Liberty:
Light is breaking—Thrones are quaking—
Hark!—the trumpet of the Free!

Chartist Song I

A SONG for the Free—the brave and the free—
Who feareth no tyrant's frown:
Who scorneth to bow, in obeisance low,

Chartist Song Ii

THE time shall come when Wrong shall end,
When peasant to peer no more shall bend—

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Thomas Cooper (March 20, 1805 – July 15, 1892) was a Chartist poet.

Cooper was born in Leicester, and apprenticed to a shoemaker. In spite of hardships and difficulties, he educated himself, and at 23 was a schoolmaster.

He became a leader and lecturer among the Chartists, and in 1842 was imprisoned in Stafford gaol for two years, where he ...

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