Thomas Hardy

(2 June 1840 – 11 January 1928 / Dorchester / England)

Thomas Hardy Poems

81. The Church-Builder 1/3/2003
82. I Sometimes Think 4/10/2010
83. The Obliterate Tomb 4/10/2010
84. She, To Him Iii 12/31/2002
85. I Said To Love. 1/1/2004
86. To A Lady 12/31/2002
87. The Burghers 12/31/2002
88. The Bridge Of Lodi. 1/1/2004
89. In A Wook 12/31/2002
90. The Year's Awakening 1/3/2003
91. Rome: Building A New Street In The Ancient Quarter. 1/1/2004
92. The Elopement 4/10/2010
93. Song From Heine 1/4/2003
94. Embarcation (Southampton Docks: October, 1899) 1/4/2003
95. The Casterbridge Captains 12/31/2002
96. In The Old Theatre, Fiesole. 1/1/2004
97. The Death Of Regret 4/10/2010
98. Without Ceremony 4/10/2010
99. The Night Of Trafalgar 4/10/2010
100. The King's Experiment 1/4/2003
101. Seventy-Four And Twenty 4/10/2010
102. She Hears The Storm 4/10/2010
103. The Coronation 4/10/2010
104. Her Secret 4/10/2010
105. The Difference 4/10/2010
106. At Moonrise And Onwards 4/10/2010
107. Epeisodia 4/10/2010
108. The Fire At Tranter Sweatley's 1/3/2003
109. She Charged Me 4/10/2010
110. Exeunt Omnes 4/10/2010
111. According To The Mighty Working 4/10/2010
112. The Newcomer's Wife 4/10/2010
113. The Colonel's Solilquy. 1/1/2004
114. Winter In Durnover Field 1/4/2003
115. To An Orphan Child 12/31/2002
116. From: Men Who March Away 4/10/2010
117. The Discovery 4/10/2010
118. She, To Him Iv 12/31/2002
119. The Lost Pyx: A Mediaeval Legend 1/4/2003
120. In Vision I Roamed 12/31/2002

Comments about Thomas Hardy

  • John shank (5/28/2018 10:41:00 PM)

    Watching Ken Burns: the Civil War, on Netflix, a Thomas Hardy poem about 2 enemy soldiers who under different circumstances could have shared a drink, was referenced. I would like to know the name of the poem.

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  • Nonono (11/29/2017 5:04:00 AM)

    Could you possibly do anything worse to brilliant poetry than have it read by this hideous transatlantic robotic voice? No wonder people don't think they like poetry. Pay an actor to do it properly or don't have a sound clip at all.

  • Ed Baidya Baidya (12/18/2015 3:35:00 AM)

    'Ah, I was wondering what would break first: your spirit, or your body! '-Thomas Hardy.Bane

  • Ed Baidya Baidya (12/18/2015 3:32:00 AM)

    Thomas hardy was sick in mad max: fury road

  • Corazone Aquino Corazone Aquino (7/22/2015 11:31:00 AM)

    I like. I am going to use it to teach styles in Form three class. beautiful. I wish I could get an analysis from you before I try doing it my way.

  • Dicklyn Penistrap (5/18/2015 3:40:00 PM)

    penispenispenispenispenis dick

  • Arthur Tugman (11/5/2011 4:51:00 PM)

    To every failure there’s Hell
    and all success is heavenly.
    - Arthur Tugman

  • Arthur Tugman (11/5/2011 4:46:00 PM)

    Come hither or go yon
    in your quest for success
    or else be content
    to dither in failure.
    - Arthur Tugman

    Come hither or go yon
    in your quest for success
    or else be content
    to dither in failure.
    - Arthur Tugman

  • Maricel Padilla (6/13/2006 9:13:00 PM)

    Hi Thomas...........Hello...... How are you? this is Maricel from Philippines and i would like to tell you that you are very good and great so much in your poet......i like it very much........i hope you can tell me what is your secret there how to write a poet like that you wrote....ok...heheh joke only....cus you know i dont have yet one poet that i write here, its great for you........well anyway thomas thanks again for your very nice poet........ok takecare there always and have a nice to day to you there and to all...............see you! ! !

Best Poem of Thomas Hardy

"I Said To Love"

I said to Love,
"It is not now as in old days
When men adored thee and thy ways
   All else above;
Named thee the Boy, the Bright, the One
Who spread a heaven beneath the sun,"
   I said to Love.

   I said to him,
"We now know more of thee than then;
We were but weak in judgment when,
   With hearts abrim,
We clamoured thee that thou would'st please
Inflict on us thine agonies,"
   I said to him.

   I said to Love,
"Thou art not young, ...

Read the full of "I Said To Love"

Tess's Lament


I would that folk forgot me quite,
   Forgot me quite!
I would that I could shrink from sight,
   And no more see the sun.
Would it were time to say farewell,
To claim my nook, to need my knell,
Time for them all to stand and tell

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