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God Exacts Revenge

After Adam had choked on the apple eve had gifted him
and was torn into the nightmares God had blessed him with,
God struck the sky like a drum.

The sound rumbled through the garden as thunder.

Then he plucked the moon from its resting place
with his left hand and rolled the light out of it
between his forefinger and thumb
so that it was reduced to a black grain of sand.

Then he nailed it to the knot
of Adams heart with a bolt of time,
where it nestled and began to tick
to the rhythm of Adams body.

Hungry with gravity
it soaked up blood with every pulse.
Adam awoke, startled,
his cells suffocating, screaming
for the air he was drowning in.
He began to retch blood
as if to save some.

Assuming guilt, and not knowing
what else to do, eve kissed him
and took the blood into her own,
where it mingled, turned dark
and sank into her womb.

Then God rested,
happy in the knowledge
that he had created love.

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Thomas Rickarby Popularity

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