Thomas Vaughan Jones

Thomas Vaughan Jones Poems

1. Echoes 1/16/2014
2. The Perils Of Laughing In Church 1/17/2014
3. William's Petrarchan Sonnet About Earl Spencer 1/17/2014
4. The Phantom Horseman 1/21/2014
5. The Legend Of The Lost 1/21/2014
6. Texas Lament 1/21/2014
7. The Children Of The Night 1/22/2014
8. Henry And The Dragon 1/22/2014
9. The Love Song And Lament Of The Head Louse 1/23/2014
10. Solilquoy In Samarkand 1/24/2014
11. The Dance Of The Little People 1/26/2014
12. The Fire Report 1/28/2014
13. Insomnia! 2/7/2014
14. Winter’s Limbo 2/8/2014
15. A Beastly Affair 2/7/2014
16. Our Kids 2/12/2014
17. Dawn Chorus 2/11/2014
18. Second Childhood. One For Joe 2/11/2014
19. Harbingers 2/15/2014
20. Byr Y Thodaidd 2/23/2014
21. Boy's World. 3/27/2014
22. Listen To The Children Of The Night 3/27/2014
23. Bedtime Story For The Babes 3/27/2014
24. Lady Moonlight 3/27/2014
25. Cogito Ergo Sum Di Mundi 3/21/2014
26. Ambitions 3/26/2014
27. Michael Mchale And The Magic Fiddle 1/30/2014
28. Tigers And Unusual Habitats 1/19/2014
29. The Dear Departed 3/8/2014
30. O’casey’s Wake 1/31/2014
31. Death Of A Fireman 1/28/2014
32. An Orphan Girl 1/23/2014
33. Tiger On The Prowl 1/19/2014
34. The Prejudicial Planet 1/19/2014
35. A Ghost Story 1/20/2014
36. Distant Voices 1/16/2014
37. The Tale Of The Ancient Rhymester 1/14/2014
38. A Celestial Fantasy. 1/15/2014
39. Song Of A Lovelorn Welshman 1/15/2014
40. Our Common Ambition 2/12/2014

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Best Poem of Thomas Vaughan Jones

Is There Anybody Out There

Space! The final frontier
where stars are simply signposts to a place,
where, we are told, a paradise awaits.
Open to all who live within God’s grace.

But is He there? That Sentient Entity!
Does He exist? Or is He just asleep?
Does He no longer hold a watchful eye,
or does He take delight when strong men weep?

The World is screaming, torn by war and blight.
White collared men place all the blame on Man,
for God is Love, and love is blinding light.
But Love lies bleeding in His Master plan.

Should any say that Man must have his ...

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A Celestial Fantasy.

An Angel cried beside my bed last night.
I held her face and wiped away a tear,
I opened up my arms and held her tight,
and never dreamed that Paradise was near.
Her perfect form, her first sweet earthbound kiss
creating such exotic harmony.
Ethereal enchantment gave such bliss
that Heaven opened wide its gates to me.

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