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Usually it is the other way around, but I am the only father who was inspired by my daughter (Risha Ahmed) and who egged me on to write poems. Besides these few poems for which I have got some compliments from my friends and I will contribute this to their greatness of character, I do not boast of penning even a decent letter.

Thufail Ahmed Poems

Blame Others (A Haiku)

Blame others, deny
Accept fault, guilt will kill you
Do not justify

Accumulating (A Haiku)

as if there no tomorrow
death lay in waiting

Compliments (A Haiku)

Gather compliments
Discard ego, even head
Discharge commitments.

Guaranteed (A Haiku)

Guilt unwarranted
Understand your weakness, strength
Good life guaranteed.

Reflect (A Haiku)

Sit back and reflect
What is lost and at what cost
Have life to collect

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