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I am not a poet by profession or training. However I love to write poetry. I am not a technician in poetry writing, I attempt to turn a phrase and stimulate others to ponder the meaning of life in this place Earth.I am a middle age Black man. I have been married for 32 years to my lovely bride. We have been blessed with three children. We make our home in the Nebraska, USA.

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My World

I rush outside right after breakfast. There is not much time.
The morning air is cool and fragrant with the smell of
honeysuckle vines, Dogwood trees and flowering Magnolias.
Birds are chirping and singing in the early morning light.

My Cup Runneth Over

I happen upon her in a place of music, drink
and polite conversation. She has approachable
bright eyes and a lovely posture.

Sara Sue

Sara Sue
A ball of mirthful fur
challenging a loving hand
with a claw, and a bite,

Butterflies Rule

Gossamer wings with beautiful colors.
very friendly, peaceful and lovable.

So many we take them for granted

Mr. Charlie

Lord hav mercy heah come Mr. Charlie,
He gone want his rent money,
and I sho don'tgot it.

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