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It's me. I'm back.
So wack.
I know, I feel.

You And Me

I want to be wrapped in your body and consumed by your presence.
I want you to have me, without me needing to be present.
I want your demeanor to speak, and my soul be fluent in the language.
I want you to read a post-it reminder I write, and be able to feel my anguish.


In the beginning we never eally care.
Anything is everything, and it all goes anywhere.
Life's so simple
When we all have dimples.

My Seven Pounds

I need a sculpted shoulder, to cry on.

I need a defined back, to lightly press my forehead against.

Personal Dissection

I don't wanna open my eyes,
I don't wanna get any ideas.
Just pull back what already happened,
try to confirm my fears.

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