Tigest Samuel (TG)

Rookie (22/08/1975 / Lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (Born in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa))

Tigest Samuel (TG) Poems

1. When I Am Gone (Eulogy) 3/31/2011
2. Unchained Mind 3/31/2011
3. Your Love...My Sanity 3/31/2011
4. Golden Heart 3/31/2011
5. No..Heaven...No 3/31/2011
6. Hypocrite 3/31/2011
7. The Blood Of The Altar Boy 3/31/2011
8. To Dad 3/31/2011
9. Just Believe 3/31/2011
10. The Buzz Of My Refrigerator 3/31/2011
11. Home Sweet Home 3/31/2011
12. Homeless 3/31/2011
13. Oh Brother Of Mine 3/31/2011
14. Plastic Nation 3/31/2011
15. In Your Eyes 3/31/2011
16. Let It Be 3/31/2011
17. You And God 3/31/2011
18. Killing Me With His Pen 3/31/2011
19. Seventh Heaven 3/31/2011
20. Beloved 3/31/2011
21. Memory 3/31/2011
22. Absence 3/31/2011
23. The Song Of The Mistress 3/31/2011
24. Love Is Us 3/31/2011
25. He Is The One (Taboo Love) 3/31/2011
26. Alpha Male 3/31/2011
27. Waiting 3/31/2011
28. Wet Dreams 3/31/2011
29. Beautiful Ghost 3/31/2011
30. Motherless Child 3/31/2011

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Best Poem of Tigest Samuel (TG)

Motherless Child

I am a motherless child
The discarded
I, many times entreated
And argued....
With my own God
Even a Hen builds a nest
A safest place
To lay her eggs
And faithfully sits on it
Until it hatches
Under her wings
My loving God,
Why am I subjected to rejection?
Am I not worthy of her affection?
Or am I just less than,
The mere egg of a common Hen?

My infamous mother
When she pulled the trigger
She aimed it right at my heart
The bullet of abandonment
A sharp pang through my vein
A stab of eternal...

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Unchained Mind

It seems just like yesterday...
On the play ground you and I...
With out wings we used to fly...
Children of free spirit...
Tossing pebbles on the ground...
Chatted with the wind...
Gossiped the rain...
Kissed the red moon...
Laughed at the sun...

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