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the road goes on forever
the story has no end
we will always be together
in the land of let's pretend

Is your indecision final?
will you not make up your mind?

touch the sun rise
see the hawk flies
feel the wide skies
fill your soul

listen to the birds their song is ominously changed
dawn is filled with sounds coloured with fear
the clouds snarling shapes are subtly re-arranged
something dark and dangerous is near

all is fair in love and war
and you get more than you bargain for
you can never be too sure
-of what you realised


i lost myself yesterday
in a good book
it was all about mending fences
no matter what

I missed your words and never saw the movement of your hand
how little we see or ever understand
all the days pass all the days pass all the days pass and
after the waves there are no footprints on the sand

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Cloud Cuckoo Land

the road goes on forever
the story has no end
we will always be together
in the land of let's pretend
it is spring time
as we walk along the sand
it is always springtime
in cloud cuckoo land

i don't know where i'm going
got no end in view
no reason to stay here
i'm just passing through
all the streets are empty
i got no place to hide
open up your mind
and let me crawl inside

the pages keep on turning
and we rejoice and grieve
but there are no bridges burning
in the land of make believe
come with me up this garden path
we'll walk hand in hand
happy ever after
in cloud cuckoo land

everywhere i look
i see people trying so hard
to play a starring role
with only a walk-on part
and everybody's looking
but nobody can see
everybody's looking
just how they want to be

nothing is for granted
nothing's what it seems
nothing is impossible
in the land of dreams
you'll see it if you believe it
don't try to understand
there's no truth beyond the magic
of cloud cuckoo land

these words these words
littering this page
dreaming of flight
like birds on a page
and i can't come home now
it's far too late for that
some places you go
there is no way back

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