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Currently an unemployed forklift driver with limited
(maybe NO) prospects. Always toyed with the idea of
becoming a writer until a 'friend' turned me on to
Bukowski in the late '70's. After reading this guy I realized that everything worth writing he had already
done or would, in the future, DO. So I quit writing.

But after stumbling onto this website and reading the
CRAP therein, I decided to try again. Look out, Aldo!
I'm coming to claim your self-delusional supremacy.

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I sit her in the Downtown Reno library half-drunk amongst the bums
The lonely and the just plain MAD who have no place to go trying
To get THE WORD down while hen-pecking is going on.

Apology To Aldo- The King

I apologize for being rude
and not appreciating the

The Booze-A Work In Progress

On Aldo Kraas

Someday when I'm truly lucky
And have drank myself into sufficient stupor
And have rotted most of my sentient braincells
And have accepted all the lies and platitudes


The trouble with the 21st Century
and maybe with ALL Centuries
Is too much self-esteem
By too many people

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