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hey my name is Tina, call me T. ive been writing ever since i can remember and most of these are old, im working on adding new stuff. im a pretty laidback, down to earth person but i will tell u flat out what i think. i protect the poeple i care about and will do anything so they dont get hurt. if ur lucky enough for that to happen, ur a true frien ...

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So Alone

In the darkness, in the cold,
Feeling torn and feeling old,
Constant falling, constant pain,
Been betrayed and full of shame.

Im Proud Of Who I Am

I am a lesbian.
That does not mean
that I am sick,
or I want to f*** every

I Watched Her

the scary thing is, i woke up today and i finally saw me through your eyes. and it dawned on me: i can't pretend anymore. i can't hide under itchy wool that swallows my skin. i cannot cower into the greedy hollows of my mind or fade between the creases in my calloused palms.

because when i woke up, that's all i saw. i saw a girl collect her purple bruises, midnight shadows she carries beneath her foggy blue eyes. i saw her swing her toes, ankles, knees, thighs over the side of a swollen bed. the toes she wishes were less ordinary and more ballerina. the ankles that hold thin skin and thick regrets. the knees she does not trust and the thighs she will never befriend.

You'Re My Best Friend.

When life makes you feel really down,
And there’s no one to tell you it’s alright,
You can’t help feeling you’re about to drown,
Or being enveloped by endless night.

That Was Then, This Is Now

Why is it that when you come back into my life,
My heart feels ready to explode?
I loved you once; but not today,
Yet you continue to tempt me to the very edge.

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