Tina Sena

Rookie (03/24/1978 / Mass)

Tina Sena Poems

1. Love 2/17/2005
2. Heroes 2/17/2005
3. Mean 2/17/2005
4. Lost (Poems Of Horror) 2/17/2005
5. Halloween 2/17/2005
6. (elusive) 2/24/2005
7. Fever 7/14/2005
8. The End 9/8/2005
9. Flirtation With The Wall 10/17/2005
10. Get Thee Behind Me...Myself. 12/16/2005
11. Friday Morning Ramble 1/13/2006
12. Cosmic Bloom 3/10/2006
13. William Shatner 4/4/2006
14. At This Very Moment... 4/5/2006
15. Wisdom Takes A Bow 4/29/2007
16. The Passage 10/25/2007
17. Idol 1/20/2009
18. E&M 3/11/2009
19. Bad Day 11/10/2005
20. The Cult Of Apollo 11/10/2005
21. Sin 3/10/2006
22. M.W. 2/24/2005
23. The Breakup 7/14/2005
24. (untitled) 3/10/2006

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Best Poem of Tina Sena


Sure/go to cali/have fun/bring me back/a silver gun/
let me shoot/a hole in the sky/give the moon/another
eye/so I can see/deep inside/in the place/where all
time hides/where people go/after their gone/and love
without love/still marches on/to the tune of a different song/
to the tune of a different song/miss me when your gone/
to the tune of a different song

you left your heart/in san francisco/getting down at the
disco/when she walked up/too your hand/danced you
down/danced you down/when you land/land on me/you see me/
I'm off the wall/against the wall/I ...

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Lost (Poems Of Horror)

Little Princess, Little Prince,
hanging from a ledge,
don't let go, don't you know,
you've fallen from the edge?
Crows will come and see you there,
birds will chirp on by.
Something big will linger there,
as you wail and cry.
Night will come and the dark will rise,

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