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Y Do U Hate Me So? ?

My Earthly Angel

The Eyes C It All

My eyes tell a story of my hearts testimony, it felt like a dream time stood stillbut my eyes saw everything still, the blood splattered walls, the memory stained halls. I was unconscience but my eyes saw it all. The punches the kicks!

The Hurt Of Loss

They say: learn to b strong, to let go n move on. No one knows tat years r too long and everything u did seem so perfect now that ure gone. No one see's that ure the one that held me up n made me strong, no one knows that a second is too long to long to live knowing that ure gone,

Not Becaz Im Weak

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Tisha Campbell 06 March 2012

It was great

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A peer educator, director of the children sake foundation and advocate for change this charsmatic younglady who was born n raised in guyana describes herself as a talented hard working determined youg lady passionate about writing singing n bein with people she loves

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