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When I was about to give up,
You made me give in.
When i was about to hate,
you made me forgive and forget.

I am all gone,
like yesterday.
like age,
a turn on a new page.

This is my humble prayer Lord,
I ask not for alot.
All i want is one
That is rightfully won.

When i hug you
It's not me hugging you.
It's my heart hugging your heart,

Papa, dont put a hand on that woman,
She is my mother.
She carried me in her womb for months,
Took good care of me for years.

I have never wanted so much,
than to love and be loved back.
Oh but a touch of a love is spell
with how it weighs me down

Pik pik ponkie.
How i love my donkey,
Fresh and fleshy.
You know its my only.

I write from a place so deep
the abyss where poetry drips.
non stop it flows,
conquering all the bottom-lows,

I once had a brother.
A big brother who cared more than no other.
Always watching over my radar

My heart just turned cold,
Everything is gone,
After the fresh flesh feast,

I have been to the mountains
And to the hills
no adventure is
like you my prince

I love my new life
because its full of life
I feel so alive
like a bee hive

It is true I want you too
It is true we had a great run,
But you don't know anything about relationships.
A relationship is like a wheel.

When Hell breaks loose,
When the going toughens,

I pray that he finds me early enough,
While I am young and yummy,
Ripe and dripping with honey.
While I am a lone attractive fruit on a tree,

It is a brand new day
I am part of.
Thanks be to God.

Dont fall in love with me my love.
Do not want me.
Just enjoy me.
Don't develop any feelings to own me.

I am a good guy.
A good guy with a gun
Be wary of me girl.
Run while you can

Hello Home,
Here I am,
Here I come.
Receive me with hands, warm

She lies in bed gently
Peaceful like a moon night.
She fall in my arms half-asleep
And lull her letting her fall deep

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I wrote my first poem when I was so low, disapointed and upset.I had no one to speak to..but a pen and paper.The rest is history.Hope you enjoy and find inspiration from my poems.Cheers! !)

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When I was about to give up,
You made me give in.
When i was about to hate,
you made me forgive and forget.
When I was about to regret,
you made me appreciate.
When I was about to cheat,
You made me sincere,
When I was about to retreat,
you made me persevere.
When i was about to mistreat,
You made adhere,
To your simple rules,
That's you LOVE

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Never keep quite, speak, u never know when will be seated next to your success.

Don't strife to be perfect, strife to be perfectly you.

It's done...let us not bask in our own pain but allow our souls to move freely and heal

Dont let what you don't have deny you what you ought to have.

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Titto Mutunguti Popularity

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