Tlou Romeo

Tlou Romeo Poems

1. Harvest [ December 5th] 12/6/2013
2. Breath-Taking 12/6/2013
3. Act Of Love 12/6/2013
4. What You Made Of Me 12/6/2013
5. Blank Thoughts 12/7/2013
6. The Awakening 12/7/2013
7. Immortality 12/6/2013
8. Linked Tears 12/6/2013
9. Encrypted Thoughts Of Freedom 12/6/2013
10. Set Fire To Rain 12/7/2013
11. Desert Trails 12/7/2013
12. Stains Of Love 12/8/2013
13. Tear Drop 12/11/2013
14. Last Drop To Dry Season 12/15/2013
15. Mono Love 12/15/2013
16. Confession Of A Broken Heart 12/19/2013
17. Dragged Essence Of Roses 2/15/2014
18. I Am A Work Of Art 2/17/2014
19. Poetry Within Me 2/20/2014
20. Flames Of White Rose 2/26/2014
21. Death Not Be Proud 5/28/2014
22. The Midnight Caller 6/2/2014
23. All Black 7/26/2014
24. Loving A Broken Heart 3/20/2014
25. Umbilical Cord 12/6/2013

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Umbilical Cord

Birthed into igniting flames of poverty, my fade was not much. Breast fed the scares of struggle, I was bound to speak language of ubiquitous freedom. Umbilical cord, though the parting of Bhiko's and Gandhi was known, it pained me to count ours. As I open my mouth, not only do I inhale the cries of freedom seekers, but the appealing gauge grass silently mock the imitated struggle of youth adopting to rainbow nation. I bit my tongue, trying to convey the forced language, well spoked by those who remembered the soldiers not the war. Had this been a dream, I dreamt casualties in war, thou the ...

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Harvest [ December 5th]

Chained at the back by vows of freedom, only now I feel the pain looking in the eyes of a born free. I planted a seed beneath a concrete thou it may witness the parting of me -Madiba. I tried sharing a tear, but I only feel what I've been taught, your story is been shared with looks of sorrow by those who knew. I am a born free, free to care less

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