Tobi Praise Obanisola

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1. Nostalgia 5/29/2011
2. S'Etonner 5/29/2011
3. The Silence Plead Of The Id 5/29/2011
4. Just Like The Star 8/10/2011
5. The Manly Ritual 5/29/2011
6. Ayo Poetiri 5/30/2011

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Ayo Poetiri

Mouth raging, wished words had guage
Tongues flapping in pages
Souls shouting in cages
Words racing in paces
Thoughts mailed, but date met me in shades
Eyes gazing, but knowledge found no place

Thoughts filling with pasts' feeling
Kept thinking but wished of not getting caught in it
My mind making noise but my mouth still lack speech
Inspiration a dream to be cured
My mind enslaved by wisdom but my speech and writting justified by ignorance

Areality in the realm of nihilo
Alas! nature i sought with the hope of logos
But rejected by the nature in ...

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