Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk
Louisville, Colorado


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The Dragon And The Phoenix (Version One)

The Dragon and The Phoenix (version one) :
The sleeping Tiger lies in a mist, covered in mystery.
Who is he, what is his purpose?
The sleeping Flame lies in a cloud, shrouded by time.

The Wolf And The Moon

The Wolf and The Moon
By Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk
The day is past and the Moon now rises from beneath the mountain to greet the stars.
The Moon smiles on the sleeping towns, their drone wound down. However, in the

Pearls Or Roses?

To walk amongst pearls and roses, the pearls and roses of the mind.
Pearls, which will forever hold their luster,
Roses which will wither and molder into dust.
To walk bedecked in pearls and roses, is to walk in retrospect of

Wind Horse

Da naho… It is said,
Wind Horse, gentle Wind horse, you were the last of your kind.
Wind Horse, Wind Horse, you were running wild and free.
Wind Horse, Wind Horse, with this freedom you did nothing but give;

Rebirth Of A Nation!

Oh Flag of America, I see your colors bleeding like running tears. Why are you so sad?
“My children have lost their Innocence, their Courage has fled, and Justice has died in their bosoms.”
Oh Flag of America, oh Flag of America you are fading away! What can be done
to restore your brilliance?

Unspoken Heart Song

Subtle notes fly upon the breeze, notes coming from a guitar of the night.
The guitar plays sweetly for its master, for its gentle master.
The master is a young man, trying to find himself.
A young man with eyes full of care, behind these fair eyes a heart full of love.

An Untitled Experiment

Some days I feel, I feel somethin’s missin’. Der’s a hole in ma life, somethin’ left undone.
Brotha, Brotha, where be choo?
Brotha, Brotha, where hav’ ya gone?
I rememba choo, yea I rememba.

A Velvet Divorce

There upon the table lies the rose you left me,
Along with your written “good-bye”, carelessly scribbled upon
The note card of white paper.
Long ago, this scene would have been as tragic as Shakespeare, but Today it’s just a simple “good-bye”.

Earth And Storm

Thunder Beings … Thunder Beings,
Dance with me tonight upon this winter wind, dance with me tonight.
Caress me with your dropping fingertips, caress me tonight.
Thunder Beings sing with me, let our voice roll across


Why should I believe you?
All the things you told me before were lies.
Every word was a poisonous seed coated in honey,
Popped playfully,

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